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Is the dream still alive?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nice2Bnaked, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Ive been away for a while, doing my ARTC military training for defence force reserve... 28 days of being yelled at and making some good mates along the way...

    Got back this week to find that my mate (who im letting borrow my bike for courier work) had written it off (hotted up honda spada, pre project) when some silly 'ol loady decided to open her door. "Riding to close to parked cars", I hear you all say...

    Well she was in the RIGHT hand lane (on Hoddle st) and the traffic was stationary, and he was filtering thru the cagers when she decided to open her LEFT passenger door.
    I would have thought she would hear him coming, with my exhaust being a straight thru pipe (with no Cat converter) sounding like a 500cc lawnmower on steroids... Alas, he collected her door, and pinballed off into some toorak tractor 4x4, and did some damage to both cars.

    He was fortunately unhurt, apart from his thumb which got caught between bar and tank (leaving a nice, deep dint), but the bike has destroyed dash/instruments, headlight, radiator, forks (both) front guard, front brake assembly, swithcgear, mirrors and indicators.

    The couple in the offending car could not speak very good english, and the cops rocked up and gave em a ticket. Ive been trying to talk with the daughter of the Turkish couple, but so far has been really difficult to deal with (wont tell me if they have insurance or what they are planning to do, and keeps saying she'll call back tomorrow)

    FURTHERMORE I get my liscence back, after over 2 years, in just six sleeps, and now I dont have a bloody bike... Im freakin peeved off... I dont care if they pay double the amount in insurance for the bike, I just wont have one in time. I better bloody have one by the GP.

    AND as well as all this,many of you would have read/seen my plans for the bike, being built into a dirty cafe-fighter. Ive got a few thousand dollars worth of parts that I've slowly accumulated to build the bike, and what do I do with them now???? GRRRR!!!!

    On a positive note, I have started working at Evolution Yamaha in Epping (cooper st), so if anyone wants to drop by and say gidday, come in and ask for James. And no, I wont let you demo every bike in the shop, and yes, I do have my eye on the 07 r6... mmmmnnn, redline....
  2. Hope you had at least 3rd party insurance. Sic the insurance company on to them and let them sort it out.

    If not, you'd better hire a lawyer for an official letter to try and get the money off them.
  3. Gather the Melbourne NR posse and storm their house for anything sellable :D
  4. Your mate was riding, he pays you and then he sorts out chasing money I say.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Turkish you say.......Get them to write something in turkish and i'll be happy to translate it for you mate.

    Sorry to here about your accident though, well at least you have a job and can start looking to repair the bike or even begin a new project bike. :LOL: :p
  6. Gday James

    I live in Mill Park near your shop and my recent accident very definitely involved someone from a NESB (non English speaking background) who also had a problem remembering her sodding address!!!

    I'll drop in and say gday very soon. I'm not a Ulysses so won't ask you for a discount :p
  7. Speaking from experience, I hope you had full cover. If you have 3rd party and not your fault the insurance company will wash there hands of you. As third party only covers damage you do to another vehicle if you are at fault.

    I had a drongo run up the back of me.... Smallish damage.... rang insurance (3rd party) said nothing they would do because the other guys insurance should cover my damage and if he didn't have insurance I would have to take him to court, as he was at fault.
  8. Keep the dream man, this is just another obstacle in the way.
  9. That's odd - most third-party insurance I've seen/had includes up to $5k coverage for a not-at-fault accident where the other driver is uninsured. I'd still be asking them and checking your policy, TBH.
  10. Your working with a top crew there, I will be sure to pop in and say G'day :)
    Are you Brads replacement?
  11. yeah i know all too well how you feel.

    Ive only had my new (second hand) bike for a few weeks, and after spending all my spare cash on fixing it up, it now has more expensive problems, at the moment she's just sitting in the shop while i consider my options.

    only a month to go til moto gp... maybe u could borrow georges bike, or (even though this is against my personal rules regarding credit) get the R6 on finance?

    Then again I thought you were a V-Twin man???
  12. .........
  13. if i got 'will call you tomorrow' i would have said

    if i dont hear from you by 3pm, im coming to your place of residence or business to discuss this.

    i will speak to you tomorrow.

    if she doesnt call, show up with a taxi fair for her to pay.

    get in her face, either by telephone or in person. dont sit around waiting. the secret deal might be because some of the ocupants are here ileagally

    cheers :cool:
  14. Damn that is a big leap
  15. nothing unusual for Stump :roll: :LOL:

    Carry on
  16. I can confirm this from personal experience, my car got squished (write off) in traffic, at fault driver had insurance but initially they didn't want to cover him due to "unreported speeding fines". Long story short, I was covered under by 3rd party because the at fault driver was effectively uninsured. In the end they had to backtrack as the speeding fines thing did not hold up with their own review process.
  17. hey buddy
    im just down the road from you
    u work saturdays?
    if so ill come up and say hi