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Is the constabulary likely to get upset with this?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by yamahahaha, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, currently looking at buying another bike. I know it's full history and both the owners it's had since new so I know it hasn't been involved in any major accidents. However, the first owner probably jumped the gun with taking extra precautions and had a dab of welding put on the frame in one spot he thought may have had a hairline crack forming. Looking at the rest of the bike and knowing it's history I'm confident enough that the frame is structurally sound and probably didn't even have a crack in the first place but what's done is done.

    Now the bike has been track ridden for the last 24 months or so by both the first owner and the second owner which is why he had no qualms in putting some weld on the frame. But now I want to put the road gear back on and do some road rides on it and my only concern is whether police might defect the bike for this weld or if it could cause problems if it did need a roadworthy check? Thoughts?

    As I said I know it's history since new so I know it's a safe bike but I wouldn't want to lose money by buying it to get it re-registered and run in to problems.

    As a side question I'm in SA and the bike hasn't been registered for the last 24 months that it's been on the track. To re-register it will I just do a renewal on the last current rego form the owner has or will it need an inspection?

    Thanks guys

  2. Id grind that weld down a bit so its nice n smooth, give it a lick of frame paint and just see how it goes for a roadie..
  3. You will at least need a RWC (or equiv for your state), which is where you might run into problems...
    I'd try to cover it up, (as long as you're confident it is safe) then see how you go.

    A call to the RTA(?) will clear up their stance on frame repairs.