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VIC Is the AGP at Risk?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. What with the debate going on about the continued viablity of the Australian F1 GP, is the MotoGP event at risk?

    Both are considered "major events" and are run under the auspices of the Major Events Committee and the AGP Corporation.

    If the F1 GP was lost to Melbourne could the bike GP go as well?

    Further, what's the imposte, if any, on the taxpayers and is it worth the tourism that it brings to Phillip Island?
  2. Sydney is going to get the bikes once we finish upgrading the creek and move that tip.

    You Victorians have had it too long. :)
  3. Noooo! Never! Too many people complain about it, but if it was seriously going to move, I think there are a lot of people who would oppose it.
  4. pfft cant see it happening.

    but they do seem to be whinging about phillip island weather a fair bit..
  5. Eastern Creek vs Philip Island?? No contest, that's like comparing a sandpit with a private theme park!!!

    What is more likely is that Australia will lose both events altogether, with distance from the European base of racing, conflicting TV scheduling, low crowds (comparatively) and Governments refusing to pay for loss-making events the most likely triggers......
  6. You've got a point, mjt57. They are not tied together but without F1, the AGPCorp doesn't really have a reason to exist. Someone might step up to take it over, but don't expect enthusiasm from any state government.
  7. And the fact that you can't get to it without losing half your points.
  8. You do forget that the WSBK round at PI is not officially supported by the F!GP Corp.

    Yes some infrastructure is used but it's entirely organised by PIOps (aka LinFox) the track owners.

    Why cant they run both if the GP Corp fell over.

    There's also a chance the F1's would be replaced by a V8Supercar meeting anyway and they'd still need the GP Corp to set and pack everything up.
  9. With F1 demanding sums in the $100s of millions, F1 has no sane chance of staying. In fact the state government should be thrown out if they do resign.

    I don't see why MotoGP can't function without F1. The event also has positive features that F1 couldn't even dream about. The only real question in my opinion is costs.

    Btw : If Eastern Creek got it, it'll be a death kneel for the event in Australia.
  10. Linfox put forward a proposal to build an F1 track and motorsports complex at Avalon, (they own the airport). cost about 273mill from memory.
    Gubbermint keeps bitching about the cost of the F1, 30?mill of that is the setup and removal cost of the circuit..
    Idiot major events politician says Avalon is NOT an option for an F1 circuit, theyd rather lose it than build a proper track and save money.
  11. There will be no race track at Avalon.

    As for your quoted $30 Million figure to set up and pack up Albert Park I'd love to be paid that much as I'd pocket quite a lot of it as it wouldn't cost that much.

    The biggest problem for the F1 is the $50M sanctioning fee we pay for them to fly down here to race.

    The set up cost is bugger all in comparision.
  12. THe big issue with the Avalon project, was that Lindsay would be happy to be paid to run it, operate it, and use his surrounding facilities to support it. However, someone (aka the government) would need to stump up the cash to build the sucker (at the $250mill mark)

    Back on topic, I can't see the why the MotoGP would be linked to the F1 race's fate, but I'm not aware of the sanctioning fee details for the bike event. It would depend more on the reaction to the vocal locals, who continously block plans that Lindsay Fox puts up (rightly or wrongly.)

    Despite being an F1 fan (and having volunteered at the last fourteen AGP events trackside) I can not see the race continuing past the end of the current contract unless there is a major change to the sanctioning fees.
  13. As much as WE would like to see a new circuit, I think you're right.
    The original idea was to try and replace Calder with a new circuit at Avalon, where noise and such would not be an issue (compared to the airport, anyway), funded by the sale of Calder for housing (which is inevitable). It was hoped that Fox could help out with land and support. But Jane and Co. didn't rise to the occasion. Can't say I blame them.

    True, but where do you find business people willing to take it on who are not interested in money?

    Agree. Ecclestone may have done some good things for F1 in the past, but now he is systematically bleeding it dry. If he doesn't drop off the twig soon he will end up killing it.

    The relatively small losses of the Oz MotoGP are not so much of a problem but without the Australian GP Corporation to promote it, who would take it on?
  14. There has already been some talk of the Australian round MotoGp moving dates to avoid the unpredictable weather in October. The only problem is working out a time of year when the weather at Phillip Island is predictable.
  15. lol and that is super tough to do.

    its super unpredictable all year nearly!! i was there for a new years party in 2008/2009 and one day it was rainy and windy and about 16 degrees, the next it was about 37 degrees and super super sunny.
  16. Actually the nearby Avalon Speedway has all sort of noise issues and a strict curfew. It's much easier to maintain an existing permit than start one from scratch, hence the prohibitive noise restrictions at PI at all but a handful of weekends a year and the lack of noise limits, other than voluntary one's, at Calder because Calder has been operating continuously since 1962 but PI shut down in the late 70's and reopenned with strict conditions in the mid 80's for the 500cc GP's.

    Calder would take more money to remove all the "clean fill" that they're still dumping there to make it suitable for housing than they'd make out of a sale of the property so I cant see Calder being sold off in a big hurry, The main cause for it's decline from favour is management related rather than anything else.

    Linfox already bankroll the WSBK round so if there's a profit they'd take on the MotoGP I reckon.
  17. Albert Park is a much more marketable product than some common racetrack. If F1 is worth the massive fees etc, then Albert Park is worth more than the difference in costs.
  18. Thats the thing tho, they dont think its worth it.