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is that to have here or take away?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oz_johnno, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. The missus and I are travelling around Tasmania at the moment.

    we walked into a roadhouse this morning wearing our riding gear carrying a couple of helmets and a tank bag. We ordered our coffees and were asked by the rocket scientist behind the counter if we wanted to have have them here or take away ??

    This was the 4th time we were asked this question since we got off the boat.

    How would you drink a cup of coffee while riding and wearing a full face helmet anyways ?

    Has anyone else had this silly question asked of them or is it strictly a Tasmanian thing ??

  2. I guess you could with a similar setup to this

  3. I get asked this all the time when I've got bike gear on. It kinda seems stupid but I have seen a guy with 4 Macca's drinks on his tank obviously riding home.
  4. I guess the owner of this bike must ride with and open face :)

  5. I have to say, I've done take away from KFC several times now on the bike, Maccas is harder cause you have 3 options, throw your drink away, skull it, or order a bottle of water instead. Resting on the tank is something new to me though. Most likely the 'have here of take away' is now simply robotic with every customer, same as we are told every day how to use our credit and eftpos cards.
  6. I had a guy offer me a car wash at the servo when i was paying for fuel for my bike, in my bike gear, at 1am once.

    I was like WTF!?

    I've also done the kfc drive thru. Once i sat there for ages until someone saw me cos my bike wasnt heavy enough to set off the sensor lol
  7. I find it a stoooopid Q too, and have to stop my acid tongue from asking the rocket scientist "well, what do you think?"

    ... it's almost another variety of "sorry mate, I didn't see you"

    They look at you, but they don't really see you to the point of actually observing that you're riding a bl@@dy bike! :?
  8. Automatic questions. Make you wish you had a forked tongue long enough to slap them accross the face with.

    The "Can i check your bags?" once you have just purchased things is similar. "No its full of stolen s**t, the stuff i am paying for i am going to throw out as I have no space to store it on my ride home"
  9. Yep Maccas everytime, it really cracks up the queue behind me when I say the cup holder on my bike is broken! The dumb asses behind the counter think I'm serious!
  10. I go to my supermarket & spin around & ask them to put it in my back pack as you have to check it anyway staff get to know me & don't have a prob but it cracks up the customers!
  11. Yeah I'd definitely back the 'it is robotic' reason.

    I worked on phones for a restaurant for about 6 months - on 3 or 4 separate occasions I picked up my HOME phone and said "good evening (business name here), James speaking, how may I help you?"

    Its crazy what taking 400 orders over the phone a week can do to your brain :roll:.

    Thankfully I no longer take the phones, moving up :grin:
  12. Umm... I say take away all the time so you get a BAG so you can carry it..

    Its hard to take a tray with a helmet.

    coffee is the same mate, eat in usually means ceramic mugs or cups, take away are disposable, if you only choose to see it in a stupid way maybe your the stupid one. :p
  13. You never know, maybe you want to go drink it outside while admiring your bike or something? :p
  14. is there any way to get a pizza home on a bike?
  15. Rear rack and occy strap. Or a TGB delivery scooter (but I'd rather go hungry than ride one of them).
  16. +1 for the pizza carrying question

    A pizza tankbag would be awesome cos the engine would keep the pizzas hot
  17. ...and the 100km/h wind would cool it down.
  18. Well it either means do you want to sit inside and have it, or do you want it in a paper cup to take outside, where you may want to walk somewhere with it...

    Thats my guess anyway
  19. i have been seriously considering getting drive thru maccas on the bike in recent days

    of course id get a bottle of water and just shove the meal down the front of my jacket for the 5min trip home....

    i wonder what their faces would look like when you rock up on a bike..

    i think somewhere between walk through maccas (feet power drunk 4 people) and naked drive through (self exp)
  20. One of those cargo mesh that go over the pillion seats are perfect. Many a time I've carried a stack of pizzas, garlic bread and bottle of drink home. Sat on Parramatta road getting a few looks and questions, gives the opportunity to say they gave the delivery drivers a pay rise.