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is that legal?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. g'day, as we grow older and wiser we realise just how much nasty behavior has turned out to be completely legal.

    the last time i checked, it was completely legal for me to tell anyone that im going to kill them and be quite graphic about how im going to do it. even their toddler children. the cops couldnt do a thing about it, not until kiddie was dead [even then, they would have to crack my alliby and prove it].
    -----------------------heres mine

    i've discovered it's completely legal for 1 nurse until manager and 1 hospital doctor to bully a patient by deliberately removing pethidine after surgery for God knows how long.

    no formal ramifications for those 2. u know what else? if i took em to court with my witness and evidence i would get eaten up alive by their lawyers.

    thats because the law is very bias for medical staff. its drawn up so that a person in my position couldnt touch em with evidence that's sufficant in any non medical courtroom.
    i think it might be completely legal for a person to draw up a contract and trick a person into signing it.
    it not legal but may as well be, for the lawyer of an injured person, who is friends with the insurers lawyer to arrange for the cripple to gat a smaller payout. tis imposible to prove.
    on the other hand, there's a data base of shonky lawyers. if a lawyer gets caught or confesses to doing the wrong thing it goes on the data base, thats there for everyone to look at, for all to see. if a lawyer has an affair, something that has NOTHING to do with his/her performance on the job, those details go on to the data base. [thats crap! it could be justified]

    in a court of law, it's completely legal to be a beyond belief, effin moron [which is why the stella awards exist] and it's also legal to be a beyond belief, absolute arsehole.

    so netriders,

    what has happened to you that's turned out to be nasty and legal?

    ps, did u know it's legal for me to look this hot?
  2. Me getting sacked because I told my (then) boss about the potentials outcomes of my surgery (being maimed, months/year(s?) for a recovery from nerve transplant and other stuff). Ended up going to court and I won even through it was a lot less due to him taking up a couple of drummed up (i.e bullshit ones he forced the workers to do) stating I was gonna get sacked before the "off". Even through I was on the only person to get a payrise in the previous 3 years, ever since he re-married and his wife who wears the pants in their relationship basically told him not to give payrises anymore. And then on the payout, he was ordered to pay it within 2 weeks which he failed to pay it. He had the money in ready cash, he just decided to string it along due to him having a sook about the payout I guess.

    So my thing was "Is sacking me legal?" which it fell under unlawful dismissal (not to be confused with unfair dismissal)
  3. Use of threatening words may be assault. Using threatening words in a public area is an offence in itself in Victoria. Don't ask me how I know :roll:

    There's an equitable principle called unconscionable conduct which may vitiate the element of consent for that particular contract. I won't go any further than to say if the contract in question is really disadvantageous to you, you might want to seek legal help.

    Oh, the legal right for people to look hot is something I'd die protecting. Bring on summer baby!
  4. well, it was 'unlawful' so nah, it wasn't legal to bump you off like that. could you have returned to work anyway?

    undii undii undii! didn't you have a nasty crash of some sort? if someone else was at fault or partly at fault, thats a good one for u.

    here's mine,

    it's completely legal to take a calculated risk another person's life when crossing 2 lanes of traffic. you can assume a person is going to spit fwd, on a bike that's 3x as powerful as the bike actually is, and that the person on the bike is going to know about it despite the fact you're going to blind side them.

    so turn the wheel and make your move b4 any evidence of the bike spitting fwd, thereby giving the bike the impression you've decided to go straight instead of turn, hope that they will spit forward cause your commited now and if they don't they're fuct.

    so it's legal to attempt to perform what is actually a 'stunt' without letting the other person know they're about to be part of a stunt, or seting out the perameters before the stunt.

    he got charged, but no criminal record, so it's legal.

    the thing that ticks me about it [among other aspects] is that when this kind of thing happens, everyone jumps to the conclusion that the driver at fault didnt want it to happen, and that it's "just one of those things" [as said by the coppa], or a terrible accident.

    the truth is, he didnt NOT want hurt me, which is why it happened.

    cheers :cool:
  5. Wrong. Making threats to kill is an offence under the Crimes Act (Vic) and (from memory) The federal crimes act too.

    This one is out of my area of expertise, but i would argue that if it could be proved (hard bit) disciplanary actions could result. It's actually not a "legal" issue more of a conduct one.

    Wrong. There are sanctions for unfair contract conditions under most Fair Trading Legislations and it is an offence to do so under the TPA (Trade Practices Act).
    s 52 springs to mind immediately.

    Hard to prove, agreed. But is a breach of the Lawyers Professional ethics to do this. Approach the Law Society of the state involved. They WILL investigate if there is proof.

    I wish people wouldn't post like this. Too many people blame the "establishment" when it is not their fault. As you can see the issues above are nowheer near as simple as made out. :evil:
  6. thetramp wrote

    cool, thanks. i knew they were going to change it but didnt know if that had been done.

    well of course there's going to be more to it, but from the point of view of the common nobody [yay that's me! :grin: ] it all seems way too simple.

    as for establishment, i don't quite get what you're saying.

    as far as im concerned the medical establishment has to evolve and at least catch up with the aviation establishment. if they did that then so many mistakes could be prevented.

    apparently [according to good old oprah] you're 300x more likely to die of a hospital MISTAKE than and air crash.

    mistake meaning getting the wrong pills or something. not a death caused by your illness or injury.

    cheers :cool:
  7. feverpitched wrote

    no! im just making conversation :LOL:

    click on the link below my sig. thats me :grin:

    thanks cam, will check it out :cool:
  8. Hospitals with no scalpels or scissors? awesome
  9. people ask that of D Stump a lot :wink:

    i've got a friend who had major back surgery 5 years ago - cyst on her spine. surgeon said that he couldn't guarantee it would go well and she wouldn't end up in a wheelchair for life. she had the surgery anyway - no choice - the way it was going she could have ended up paralysed anyway. he then completely screwed up her 'recovery' plan and told her all the wrong things to do to re-strengthen her back after surgery. for a year she went through hellish, suicidal pain and begged him to refer her to someone who could help with pain management etc. all he could say was that she wasn't in a wheelchair, he'd done his job and it wasn't his fault she was in pain. took years for her to find a team of physios, pain management specialists etc who stopped her immediately from doing all the things the surgeon told her to do to recover and started her on a program that could actually help, not hinder. he has a reputation for this stuff but short of a organising a class action there was bugger all she could do. and besides, legal action is hardly something she could get involved in while trying to deal with over-the-top pain, trying to work out ways to manage financially, having to change careers as a result of her back problems and completely change everything about her life overnight.

    yeah, the medical industry should be accountable. on the other hand, i know a number of specialists eg obstetricians who've given up their careers for fear of being sued 'cos it's apparently so common these days!!! what a fkd up world eh?
  10. Divorce is my answer-
    nasty and legal! :evil:
  11. great point carri27, there are a lot of drs getting sued.

    heres what i think the problem is;

    there are drs who care about you [the patient], do their best, and stuff up. ive been at the end of that road in a large enough way and there's no way i would av considered hurting a caring person who tried to help me.

    and then theres the drs who dont care, like your friends doc who cared more about his ego and being right than refering his patient on.

    thats what the courts should be for. your friend can lodge a complaint to Health Care Complaints Commision

    Feverpitched wrote:
    carri27 wrote
    there really wasnt a better way to explain it and its not easy at all when restricted to text. i think it would have helped feverpitch to get 2 items and mimick the motions carefully rather than read and jump to the questions straight away.

    cheers :cool:
  12. thanks buddy - i've passed it on to my friend. cheers, c x