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Is that it?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dionikon, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. So I went for my license test today.

    Ive been stressing about this for weeks. What if I swerve the wrong way, don't stop in time, run wide in the cornering test... My fears, it seems, were completely misplaced. I passed!

    The test itself is ridiculously simple. It was over in about 5 minutes!

    Turn, turn, swerve, stop, stop, swerve... And that's it!

    Saturday mornings really paid off. Can't recommend it highly enough.

    No more L plate for this little black Duc!

  2. It's easy when you know what you're doing, especially after help at Saturday morning sessions :)

    congrats :D
  3. What surprised me with the swerving was...

    I was told before arriving (heresay) that you had to do the "run" several times until you did at least 1 of each (left, right, emergency stop x2) as it was random. So you might end up doing 6 left swerves and only 1 right.

    But at the actual test we were told that you only do 4 runs, so by the process of elimination you knew what the last one was going to be.

    PS. oh and congrats
  4. Thats not it mate, thats only the beginning
  5. Congrats mate!

    If memory serves me right we did the Ls on the same weekend. 3 Months later you have got your license and all I've done is buy the gear!

    good job!
  6. I got lucky on mine and did both of the swerves as my first two... so knew that the next two would definitely be stops. :D

    Congrats on passing Dionikon!!
  7. Congrats !

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  8. Congratulations and well done Dionikon :)

  9. bit of cross state chatter here. Im pretty certain they run different tests.
  10. Too right...

    The test here in SA is nothing like that. Takes about 10mins but tests a bunch of different skills.


    Personally, the one mentioned above would have been easier.
  11. Hey as long as you're happy with your time frame..that's all that matters. ;)
    Interesting... That does seem more thorough than NSW.
  12. Congratulations.

    Now you can start to learn to ride a bike.
  13. It's funny. I could pass that pretty easy on a CB250, or an XL250. I have grave doubts I could pass it on my ZX14. And on the magnum, my GSX11 with aftermarket frame, I KNOW I couldn't pass it.

    Oh, yeah. Congrats - welcome to the party.
  14. +1

    Thats the problem with the SA course. Doesn't teach you much about riding on the road.