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is Thailand as good as i hear

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by stanga169, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. looking for a cheap holiday , maybe 7-10 nights, basically just run amoke , do some tourist things. not a big fan a crowds or being hassled which is why i have avoided the whole region thus far , but have got the travel bug so i may just have to give it a crack , thoughts , advice?

  2. im also interested!
  3. It is everything and more. If you're young and going with some mates, you will have a blast.

    It was the first place I ever travelled (I've been back a couple of times now, mostly on the way to other places) and I still look back fondly on those times.

    /me sits back and waits for the inevitable ladyboy jokes.
  4. I went in Feb this year, it's truely a fantastic place!

    It's a place you can get as much or as little out of as you want. Being a 21yo male I wasn't particularly interested in much of the tourist stuff, more the drinking and partying. Hence why most of my trip was spent down south on the islands.

    Phi Phi island is amazing. Like, not just amazing... but amazing. It's a tiny island in the middle of nowhere that has beautiful beaches and a small community, great for relaxing or partying.

    Koh Phanyang was mental - this is where the full moon parties take place. You havn't lived until you experience 30,000 people on a beach - all going mental having a good time.

    Koh Samui is the most relaxed out of the main islands, it's fairly large and you could spend a day on a scooter exploring it. There's quite a few things to see from temples, to waterfalls etc etc. If you go here you want to stay on Chaweng Beach, it's the main area where everything happens.

    We also went up north to Chiang Mai, this place is great with lots of things to see (Tigers, Snake handling, ATV riding etc etc etc) but not much for partying. If you go here have a think about hiring a car and going to Pai, a small town not for from Chiang Mai that's basically their version of hippyville. Lot's of fun and things to see.

    Bangkok sucks, no really, it's horrible. Expensive, smelly, polluted and full of junk. Great to spend maybe a night there just to experience it but I wouldn't want to stay any longer.

    If you get the chance I recommend also extending your trip and going to Laos. Beautiful country that's really underdeveloped. Some of it is rather sad, people living in huts literally on the side of the road, but if you manage to get to Vang Vien it is WELL worth it. Google "tubing in vang vien" for some pics, but basically you float down a river on a tube and pull into the bars on the side and party with lots of international people - great way to meet new people. Everything here is dirt cheap, you could spend 2 weeks there if you wanted and spend as little as $300-400 or less and get to do a whole heap of things including exploring caves, tubing, canoeing etc... One thing to keep in mind that nobody told us was that it costs something like $40USD to get into the country (take this BEFORE you get on the plane there, you can't get it at the airport). Everywhere you buy things you either pay their currency or US Dollars. I recommend taking a lot of US money as they love it and will generally give you a better price if you pay USD.

    Thailand really is a great place, but plan your trip based on what you want out of it - parties/drinking/etc or tourist/sightseeing.
  5. :) Going to be leaving for Thailand on Monday.
    Can't wait!
  6. My son has taken up Mu Thai [sp?] and he's talking about taking a trip over, as a holiday and a look - see.
  7. legal and cheap steroids LOL :)
  8. No. If you want to get drunk and messy with all the western comforts, then Bail or Thailand is great. If you want a proper adventure, Vietnam or Cambodia. I haven't considered going back to Thailand but I've been to Vietnam 3 times now. You can still get wasted if that's what you're into but there is much more substance, and less crowds.

  9. You'll get hassled in any of the major cities in Asia. But stay out of the major backpacker spots and it gets much less.
    learn to say "no thanks" in the local language and they'll listen Which they won't if you use english. At least that's my experience.

    The people in general are really friendly.
    I second the suggestion to try Cambodia or Vietnam though. Especially if your aim is to avoid the more typical tourist stuff.

    Now: If you're after a good way to get out of the major cities and see some less frequented areas. and combine it with riding
    Check these guys out:
    I did a 5 day tour with them back in 2004 and it was fantastic

    If you wanted a combination of both.. We went to Phuket for our honeymoon and it was really nice. We stayed well away from the main Tourist strip and hired a scooter and did our own travelling around to little beaches and less touristy restaurants etc.
  10. Always check yer pockets & don't get caught with drugs! Doesn't matter if they're not yours. If you're holding 'em...they're yours!!!
  11. What happens in Thailand, stays in Thailand.
  12. It depends on where you go. I found Bangkok quite nice, Surin (on Phuket) was nice and quiet but Patong (on Phuket) was full of half naked drunk loud Aussie bogans and I left there being embarrassed to be Australian.

    Patpong in Bangkok is also good for a laugh and to people watch although the 'shows' are depressing.

    It really depends what you're going for. Phuket was the reason I came back and got my bike license. I wanted to rent a scooter while I was there but my travel insurance wouldn't cover me unless I had an Australian bike license.
  13. ^^ Agree. I was speaking in generalities. Thailand can be fun and there are some really nice areas (mostly north, I've spent a month there) but in imho there is nothing you can do in Thailand that can't be done in Vietnam. It's also cheaper, friendlier, easier to navigate and a much more balanced experience. In the north you have strong Chinese/French/communist influences, central highlands is amazing jungle and small towns (think of any Vietnam war movie), south is a modern, busy city. Beaches scattered from north to south. If you haven't already seen it have a look at the Top Gear Vietnam special.

    Just had a thought... What I said mostly applies if you're planning on traveling around or backpacking. If your staying in the one city you should decide what type of holiday you want and choose the destination based on that.