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Is Tasmania -really- that awesome? Which route to take?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by QuarterWit, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys!

    Pretty self-explanatory. I'm thinking about taking a week or two off work in February next year and taking the bike down to Tassie for part of it. I haven't been there for about 12 years, but when I did go I remember the roads being amazing, everywhere.

    Are there any particular routes that people here would recommend? And what is accommodation like down there? Looking to keep costs as low as possible so I'll probably be taking a tent and a decent sleeping bag with me.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Lake Leake Road
    Lake Leake Road
    Lake Leake Road
    Lake Leake Road
    Queenstown to Derwent Bridge.
    Road to Strathgordon.
    Cygnet Loop
    Elephant Pass

    man, I'm getting tingles just typing those roads.

    Shame you can't make it in January.

    We leave in 5 weeks for a week of riding.

    Accommodation is "free" it just costs you meat and beer :D
  3. I'll add a better answer later, but the short answer is "yes".
  4. Yes, it pretty much doesn't matter where you go, every road is a winner. Do a loop.
  5. Cethana-Mole Creek; Rosebery-Savage River loop; Launceston-Scottdale.
  6. Yes, it's good! The GF & I did ten days around Tassie last year, I can't wait to get back.

    We went clockwise around, took the tent & camped. Freycinet was cool, Hobart was meh, camping at Cradle Mountain was great, apart form -1 degree weather overnight & the cheeky possums! For me, Strahan was the highlight, just a great little town! Great food, did a cruise up the river, got really wet... Go Jet boating in the Huon Valley, the guys that runs the boats in Huonville (I think) is a rider from way back, got some good stories!

    All the roads were great, apart from the main one between Hobart & Port Arthur, that was terrible!

    Just looking up these places on the map makes we want to go back there, we missed out on going to Lake Gordon because the weather wasn't very good, & I want to this mysterious Lake Leake rd Vic keeps banging on about.

    Oh, & speeding fines are relatively cheap, $80 + 1 point for +20, so go nuts ;)
  7. Not any more... we had a few fatalities on the midlands highway a few weeks in a row.. typical government knee-jerk reaction: raise speeding fines. Even though speeding had naff-all to do with any of them, was just a handy excuse I'd suggest. I think you'll find they probably are on par with the mainland now...
  8. Ha, it does sound pretty damn good!

    Shame I can't join you Vic - but I can only take time off work when they say so, and we're busy over Chrissie.

    Is Feb too late to do it?
  9. Oh... Well, speed does kill, after all.
  10. Ahh Tasmania, Motorcycle heaven. I must return must must must :) Great roads, friendly people, Police who have better things to do than inflict fines for some "youthful exuberance" Just don't end up in Hobart hospital, not a good reputation they are very understaffed.

  11. Tasmanians are special.

    on a more serious note, about the only ordinary road is the one directly from Hobart to Launceston. All others are good.

    Be aware they don't frig around with speed limits as much there. Outside of towns they are 100. Couple this with the fact they don't mark many corners with an advisory speed. So if you come from a nanny state like NSW or Vic it's not hard to be caught out by a corner in the first couple of days, until you re-adjust.
  12. Don't tempt me....
  13. Yep, I've gotta go then!

    Does anybody have any old route information they'd be willing to share so I could just copy it? I'm a lazy bastard.
  14. go to strathgordon

    150ks from hobart each way and 100 of that is a road to a dam in the middle of nowhere, so there is almost no one on it

    and its gorgeous...
  15. I am tempting you grasshopper.
    We are going over on a night sailing on the 7th and returning on a day sailing on the 15th.
    $533 return including the bikes.
    You know you wanna. Let me know if you are coming and I'll call the canoe and see if I can change one of the cabins from a 3 berth to a 4 berth.
    Gee, those pics are making me smile :D
    That reminds me, I should put up the pics from this years tour.
  16. Shame.
    Work is work and sometimes they dictate when you can have leave. Happened to me once, I quit and went to work elsewhere ;)

    Feb is fine to go over. We went over mid feb in '07 and it was 35c days. Only 1 day of rain and gorgeous days every other.

    You will have a blast.
  17. Yeah, but I actually really like my job, but hey, shit happens!
  18. We went in April this year and apart from a cold, cold ride from Strahan to Cradle Mountain in the sleet and rain the weather was beautiful (low 20s, high teens at worst).
  19. Except for the 70km/h dusk 'till dawn - save the furry critters zones. And god help them do they need some saving.
  20. /subscribes

    I want to do this in January...