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Is Swann Insurance losing the plot ?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. . . or is it me ?

    I come home tonight and checking the mail I have an insurance renewal notice from Swann !

    I'm a little confused because its a 6mth renewal from July 06 to Jan 07 !
    I'm not aware you can have 6mth insurance policies !! :?

    So I take out my original paperwork when i bought the bike.
    It clearly says Period of Cover - 10/2/06 to 10/2/07 !!!

    But then i bought my bike on 10 March 06 . . . i've just noticed that they wrote the date wrong ! :LOL: . . its only taken me 4mths to pick it up !

    So, back to the Renewal . . . have they f'ed up ? Can 6mth comprehensive insurance be taken in NSW ??? or am I missing something ????

  2. They can shorten the period of cover.

    I paid my renewal to QBE for 12 months cover after getting a quote after an off.

    They agreed not to raise my premium.

    Then when it went through where ever it goes through they decided that no, I can't have the same premium, it is now doubled. 6 months later they sent me a renewal.

    Many phone calls/complaints/ombudsman later they agreed to the initial premium.

    My wife short paid my security licence once, I swear she can usually read but this time the brain fart was large. They phoned me and they shortened the duration of my licence. You had 3 licence terms available to you 1,2,3 years, nothing else. She paid enough to get me through 2.5 years. So it can be done I suppose if they want to.
  3. Just call Swann and ask them what they are doing. The period of cover on your policy says ... Why have they sent you a renewal?
  4. their dead in the water thats why... plus they are completley understaffed and not interested in people anymore...

    half way down...