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Is she gonna turn in front of me?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jimmythehuman, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. http://media.putfile.com/CRAZY-MOTERCYCLE-CRASH


    A nice reminder to myself, everyone is about to turn in front of you, be prepared for it.

    I caught myself today thinking, shit if that person goes now i am stuffed...
  2. Amazing just how many cars just drive right past without bothering to stop and check :shock:. Looked like the rider was going at a fairly high speed so can't really blame the driver entirely for that one.
  3. Jaysus!
    I'd say broken legs and arms at a minimum by the looks of the way he went flying. Atleast he would've continued straight on down the road.

    Another case of misestimating the approach speed and distance due to the motorbike being a smaller than median vehicle on the road.
  4. The car turned into the drive a long time before the biker arrived. And yes by the looks of things the bike was flying along too.
  5. I can't really tell of course - but it looks as though the bike was hammering.

    Maybe the driver misjudged it because they didn't expect the bike to approach so quickly.


    ...or maybe they just didn't look. I guess we'll never know.
  6. holy crap !! ouch !! ..... typical friggin yanks all driving past couldnt give a shite ..... they were probably beeping their horns cause he was laying on the road in their way
  7. Looks like he was speeding though... (I hate to say it.... ) and I am not talking about the speed limit.... but possibly going too fast for the surroundings...

    That said.... That bloody car just stopped there!