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Is Shane Warne....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. ........... the biggest drongo this country has ever produced???

  2. I'm not sure if I'd say biggest...
    But he is definately on the short list...
    What has he done this time?
  3. I remember Shane Warne from primary school.
    He and my sister were in the same grade right through till year 7 before he went off to Mentone Grammar.
    The kid was a natural talent from birth gifted with a great sporting skill.
    I recall my sister saying that no kid wanted to play cricket against him when he bowled because he made the ball spin too much.
    He is also a very talented footballer who tried out for StKilda but his cricket skills were sublime.
    Add to that growing up in a privileged household, having girls falling off his arms wherever he went and growing up fast in the global spotlight he is bound to make mistakes like most fast tracked sportspeople with natural ability.
    So to say he is a drongo smacks of tall poppy syndrome.
    Yes he is a goose for making many mistakes in his personal life but you can't deny his contribution to the world stage in cricket and the countless cricketers he may have inspired.
    Everyone has their faults and you Paul, as a Christian should be overlooking those faults not calling someone names because Shane may or may not live up to your expectations.
    Do we really have to know about their personal lives? We have our own and I know I'd be pissed off if people pried into my private affairs, why can't people just mind their own business?
  4. What an idiot...to cheat on your wife is bad enough. But to let her find out by sending the text message meant for your mistress to your wife...idiot.
  5. Maybe sales of No Idea were slowing down so they set him up :p
  6. Jeez, if I was an internationally famous sporting legend I'd wanna get some roots out of it too. Just like Clinton, you get the most powerful job in the world and you can't get any booty out of it? Where's the incentive?
  7. No-one's saying you can't get any....it's just the fact that he's got a beautiful wife (that gave him a second chance...God only knows why?!), sweet little kids AND is cheating. Nothing wrong with getting some "roots", there's just no need to abuse someone's trust!
  8. I'm no Christian so I don't have to forgive.
    Whatever his background and however he grew up it doesn't change teh fact that he has no idea about how to treat people.
    As for news reports about it...
    It's his life so who cares.
    he is still a drongo EQ not smart enough to keep it in his pants when he has to have known that he was walking on thin ice after the number of times he has been caught out before...
    or at least he could have been bright enough to have not sent incriminating SMS's to the one person he would probably want to keep it from.
    Yep he's a drongo. he may be a great bowler but he is still a drongo.
    It's not tall poppie syndrome to simply look at teh facts and say he is stupid. Very good at what he does... But stupid never the less (Well actually seeing he has retired from cricket, cheating on his wife is what he does... so not very good at that any more)
  9. I think the fact that as with most sportsmen he isn't actually very bright, and having been given an innate sporting ability hasn't had to deal with that. Far from smacking of tall poppy syndrome the man has shown no sign of ever learning from any of his mistakes and seems to believe saying sorry and carrying of regardless fixes everything.
  10. That's one hell of a conclusion to jump to, what are you basing that on?
  11. He's not a drongo, he's a selfish bastard; Only concerned about the next sheila he'll root and not at all concerned about the welfare of his wife and children.

    I wish he'd just f*ck off from cricket altogether. He's certainly no role model for kids!! :evil:
  12. It's his life and as adult he can do whatever he wants with his dong ... don't see why people should care or judge him ? :?
  13. +1
    People in glass houses and all that.
    Goes to show the mindset of people concerned about the goings on of others because their own lives are pathetic they have to pry on others to make them feel better about themselves.
    "Don't judge others lest ye be judged yourselves" (sic)
    "don't pull out the splinter from your neighbours eye until you pull the plank out of your own" (sic)
    yes the quotes are not perfect but if you are smart enough you'll get the meaning.
  14. Smee, I'm in agreement with much of what you say. But I don't have to forgive him because he hasn't sinned against me; he HAS against his twice-trusting wife.

    And he can't lap up the adulations on the world stage, as he rightly has done, and also expect his private life to be hidden, especially when HE has made no effort to do so with it!

    My comment was mainly that he is a drongo for again fouling his own nest and destroying the trust of his wife and his children, all because he doesn't have the self-control to behave like an adult, and not a spoiled little brat.....
  15. I don't feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for Simone for having her family life in the media, but I temper my sorrow with the knowledge that she is a willing party to this.
  16. All of the ones I've ever met. I only ever met one that could make coherent sentences.

    Whether my conclusion is correct or not, he has proved beyond a doubt that he doesn't have the brains to learn anything from his mistakes, not even to cover them up any better.
  17. And why should you care?
    I don't because it isn't my life it's his and what he does is his business and no one outside his immediate circle should pass comment about his personal life.
    Whenever I see headlines regarding any celebrity's personal life I never read it. i wish everyone else showed the same restraint then this world would be a much better place.
  18. If people choose to become a celebrity then they are choosing the exposure that goes with it.

    People don't get to choose the celeb and money bits and not the publicity part, it simply doesn't work like that.

    It's really simple... if he doesn't want people passing judgement on his private life then he needs to get out of the public spotlight (or not go into it in the first place).
  19. To be honest, I say good on him! Anyone that could put up with that mole for that long deserves a medal.

    Simone Warne is possible one of the most stuck up, self obsessed, bitchy, arrogant little diva wannabe people on our shores. My brother USED to be their landscape gardener and from the stories he told me about the way she treated people (and him) she deserves everything she gets.

    As far as im concerned the only thing shane has done wrong was to marry the cow.

    And Hornet, to call her his "twice trusting wife"....
    :LOL: :LOL:

    Someone like her would be VERY TRUSTING when the hubby has a bank account like his.