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Is riding through the Burnley Tunnel Hazardous?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jenjams, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. I have recently changed jobs which requires me to ride to work daily and go through both the Burnley and Domain Tunnels. Riding through this morning breathing in all of the smog thinking this cannot be good for me.

  2. no pollution is good.
    Ive never riddin either of the tunnels in peak traffic so I cant make an educated statement..but id have a guess and say nope..not good for you.
  3. You could try holding your breathe until you get to the other end! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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  4. I ride through the domain tunnel each morning but avoid the burnley in the afternoon and go thru city road over swan street bridge then back onto the freeway.

    The domain tunnel is fine in the mornings.

    I really *HATE* the Burnley tunnel as the fumes and the stupid speed cameras coupled with over impatient ruck drivers who take up all three lanes on the uphill section spewing smoke is shocking.
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  5. I used to be a little concerned about going through those tunnels, even in the car. After all the engineering problems they had when building it, I was worried that the thing would cave in one day :roll:
  6. I've found the smog in the domain tunnel to burn my throat even in low traffic times. I would hate to think what it would be like during peak periods.... lane splitting whilst covering number plate at 160 to save your health perhaps.
  7. I always get lots of blackheads after a peak hour trip through the tunnel :(
  8. Guys, read up on the problems up here with the M5 tunnel and be glad you don't live in Sydney

    My only experience with the Burnley was coming out of it on the way back from the BBQ last year to Stookie's place and being confronted with a car burning to the ground just on the exit; now THAT wass pollution
  9. I think the only real solution would be an open face helmet and a full/half face respirator. Of course you could just follow the example of many of the crowded cities in Asia and just wear one of those white cotton surgical masks (won't stop all the pollution though).
    Edit: Or just get a box of those disposable paper dust masks from a hardware shop.
  10. or an air-conditioned car!
  11. Is there speed cameras in both tunnels?
  12. I don't know about the burnley tunnel but when i was riding in sydney through one of the tunnels in peak hour i felt physically ill afterwards and had a massive headache for the next few hours.
    Not to mention my poor babys temperature was skyrocketing being trapped in that hot tunnel..
  13. That'd be the afore-mentioned M5 tunnel. Some government is going to be sued for millions in the future for diseases, asthma, and other things because of it. and it's a TOLL road; you pay to get killed by pollution.....
  14. Yer that Sydney tunnel (we took when going to Holsworthy from the city?) its MUCH MUCH more polluted thatn ours.

    I suggest getting some kind of exhaust system?
  15. The Burnley and Domain tunnels are nowhere near as polluted as some of the tunnels in Sydney, but they can be unpleasant.

    I hate the idea of breaking down in one of the tunnels though. They really should have built an emergency lane.
  16. Always found it odd myself that tunnels are considered perfectly safe by the government - and yet the use of petrol engines underground in mining is illegal (due to the toxicity of exhaust emissions). What's even more worrying is that the ventilation in an underground mine is generally far better than you'd find in Burnley tunnel.

  17. 3 cameras in the domain tunnel as you head towards Geelong
    the first one is rear facing so it will get your plate the second is forward facing and the third is rear facing.
    Look for the strips on the road surface (induction loop)
    There are 4 in the burnley 2 forward 2 rear facing, again look for the loops on the road. they are arranged as a bank of 3 little cameras each pointing to a specific lane directly in the middle of the roof.
    They are hard to spot but the actual road strips are very easy to spot.
  18. I would not be suprised that was the worst strtch of road for a motorcycle i have ever been on, boiling hot inside the tunnel when it's raining outside, sooooo much pollution and the lanes too close together to lane split at any reasonable speed :(

    I thought i was gonna die in there :LOL:
  19. I went through the tunnel without even thinking of those problems, you would think they would have adequate ventilation being a motor tunnel.
    I wouldnt think they would design a tunnel like this and not factor in the pollution, that would be gross negligence on the engineers part.
    But maybe I just got lucky, it was about 5 oclock but when I did use it.

    When I went through their, not a single problem, problem was when i went over the westgate bridge, then I thought i was going to die, never again that bridge.
  20. i travel both tunnels every day.

    Through the Burnley in the morning about 7.45am, Domain tunnel anywhere from 4-5.30.
    The Exhaust fumes has improved vastly over the last 18mths. They played with the air flows and it seems to have helped.
    What i find most annoying is the truck air brakes, do yourself a favour and stay well away from them on the way down the hill. I stick to the outside lane and it seems to get you through pretty quickly.
    The domain tunnel is a nightmare if you hit it afterabout 4.30 when they close down a lane for "Emergency vehicel access". You can stick with the traffic, and cop the fumes, lane split through the two traffic lanes, sometimes a little hairy, or travel the closed lane at a reduced speed.

    I almost ran out of fuel in the domain tunnel on arvo. i rang Citylink to find out what i should do if i have to stop in the tunnel. Get off and climb onto the walkway was their reply, we will have someone with you within 5 min. mmmmm there isn't a lot of room to leave a bike.
    Was heading through the Burnley tunnel on morning, at its deepest point, and got a dirty big drop of water hit my visor. Talk about S#*t yourself.
    happy riding