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Is Riding Gear OVERPRICED?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by GreenNinja, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Yes

  2. Yes, but I thinj it's justified.

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  3. No - Ripoff!

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  1. *Leather jackets average price $400 to $600 and up to $1300.
    *Non leather jackets $180 to $300.
    *Gloves $30 to $60 and upto $250

    And I've spent money on this gear cause my safety comes first.

    My opion: RIDING GEAR IS EXPENSIVE but it's all worth it.
  2. I buy my gear online, you can get gear delivered to your door for much cheaper, sometimes around half the price, than it would you cost you to buy it in-store.
  3. If you shop around you can get some good bargins! :LOL:

    But you get what you pay for me thinks ..
  4. Yup, something that may save your life and/or skin or lesen injuries is really overpriced (and the best reason, pick up chicks!) :squid: it up!!

    :biker: vs something you don't need to buy gear for to use. :driver:
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  6. LoL there's one more in the Pipeline actually...... hehehee

    Another poll:
    Is Green NinJa overpolling people?
    And are his poll next to useless?
    Or do you find his poll's informative and a great discussion point?
    Or half useless, half good?
    Or lets go kik his ass!!! Y or N

  7. You wicked man, wazza, I was thinking the same thing!!

    GreenNinja, you don't work for A C Neilsen, by any chance..?? :LOL:

    Seriously, if it saves your hide, the last thing you'll be thinking about as you slide down the road, or pick yourself up afterwards, is how much it cost. Besides, you don't have to buy the expensive BRANDS to get good protection anyway.....
  8. Given that stock clearance prices can be so drastically low, and even comparative prices on current items from store to store vary so wildly - think of the helmet sales where they are often reduced by 50% or more - then, yes, riding gear IS overpriced. The margins on it must be enormous
  9. i voted no. so the price can be lowered :LOL:
  10. Yes but you have to think, in Australia riding is SOOOOOOOOOO much smaller than most than the rest of the world so I wouldn't think most shops would be "rolling in bails and bails of money" from their stock sales (alone). You must remember, even through the markup can be/is high, it doesn't mean they are selling the stock on a daily/weekly basis. I've seen helmets in the same stores for months and months (as well as other stock) so it's not like a "rolling item".

    That said, it is getting more popular (more so with scooters) so hopefully in time *if* two wheels becomes a somewhat normal part of (boring hehe) society, volume of sales will go up and prices MAY drop due to new shops opening/being competitive to get sales from each other *rubs hands in glee* type of thing.
  11. Wtf is up with that poll. Yes, yes or no -ripoff (which means yes, right?) - so yes yes or yes. Why have a poll at all?
  12. Yeah but in the internet age where everything can be bought online and delivered to your door from any part of the world the markups are doing them more damage. Most of the people I know go to the shops just to try sizes and then after they are sure they go home and order online for up to half the price.

    The market size in the country is just a lame excuse. This example is not bike related but has a lot to do with all this market size crap:

    I went to ARB 4x4 accesories to get a quote for a winch bar for my suzuki sierra. Their price was Au$1000 plus fitting. Now, ARB is an Australian brand and their bars are still being made in Australia. I got a quote from a 4x4 accesories shop in the US, the price of the same Australian made Bar after shipping and custom charges was Au$740 delivered to my door.

    So how can you explain that something made here, and exported can be cheaper after importing it again?

    In my opinion shops should revisit their price tags and their sales will increase.

    After all, if you can save up to $200 on a jacket ordering it online, would you go still pay the more expensive price on the shop?

  13. what price safety?

    i just bought a pair of gloves for 120 odd. i hope it's worth it!

    ooh, and i spied a shift leather jacket that i very nearly bought :shock: however i know i'd save some coin buying it from the US.
  14. Yeah I'm sure they aren't moving many items, and there is only a small market, etc etc, but it doesn't change the fact that it is vastly overpriced :wink: And as already pointed out, you can order online and get the same things for far less delivered to your door.

    Overpricing is of course not limited to bike gear, but I will rarely ever find myself buying brand new "brand name" items, when I can buy the previous year's stock or similar quality in a generic brand, or order online, and save myself a bundle :)
  15. I bought a polarfleece neck sock. Price in motorbike shops $20 - $25. Same, identical item in outdoor / camping / ski stores $7
  16. Retail is for suckers.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Misatke "No" :shock:
  18. One note, while it's all good to save $$ (I am one who likes value for money. I.e if *I* think a particular item isn't worth the RRP, I'll go out of my way to get it close as I can to that value), it'd be a bummer saving the $200 on a jacket that doens't fit you (at all?). So be wary of online with clothes, especially safety items (loose clothing = BAD for safety gear) :)

    That said, I try to go out of my way to buy anything from 'friends'. Be it direct (family) friends, friends from net forums (such as from here) and don't mind if I pay a little bit more than usual *IF* the money is supporting people I know. I guess I get to be 'lucky' these days because of income. When I was on the dole, I made sure I never paid more than I had to for anything as a matter of survival (to eat etc).

    Now that I earn "a bit" (was almost 6 figure income without needing to buy stuff for work (i.e gear, clothes etc, it was come to work, do work, get paid) I worry less about trying to get a "good deal" and just buy whatever/whenever it suits me. Just one thing less to worry about :D Stress = big killer of us humans.

    Maybe we should start a collective income for us. For each state, we should gather a few people serious enough to follow through to combine $$$ and start motorbike retail stuff? We as a bonus get to get the gear bulk discount (hopefully it's a good saving?) and sell cheaper than average RRP to help out fellow motorbike riders. Would be interesting and a good utopian thought but would never happen, we'd be too busy arguing *cough* I meant debating on what we think is right and how things should be run instead of getting on with the job ;)
  19. That is why I said people first go to the shops and try sizes and then go and order online :wink: