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Is Riding A Motorcycle Better Than Sex?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nicholas, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. If you had to give up one of the two what would it be?

    Sex or Motorcycling?

  2. sex is like air you only need it when your not getting it... no
  3. If sex comes second on ur list then ur not doing it properly :?
  4. Tough choice, but, overall, the times of bikes but no sex have been harder than those of sex but no bike.

    On the other hand I wouldn't give up my bikes for a woman, but then, no woman I'd want to be with would ask me to.
  5. If I had to go without one, it'd be sex. And besides, improvisation is your friend with the latter. How the hell does one improvise riding a motorbike? It's impossible. :)
  6. I wouldn't know :-w \:D/
  7. Riding a bike sure as hell lasts longer :rofl:
  8. Its a pity you had to give up on BOTH. 3d_27_L8AQ9S.

    Which are you hanging out for most? 399891.
  9. i think this needs explaining...

  10. Hmm, you have never ridden a push bike (at speed? Down hill etc.) :-k

    And then there is always(amongst other objects like rocking horse etc :) ):

  11. Is Motorcycle Riding Better Than Sex?
    40% [ 6 ]
    60% [ 9 ]
    Total Votes : 15

    HAHA to "69" for this poll :grin:
  12. Agreed..... but don't ask me to give up the bike either!
  13. Anyone who says 'yes' isn't getting much :rofl:.
  14. sex is better than motorcycling, but at least (most of the time) you don't need consent to ride your bike :LOL:
  15. I would have to give up motorcycling, if I gave up sex the female race would never forgive me. :LOL: :LOL: :p
  16. You need to take other people's feelings into account with a question like this.

    If I gave up motorcycling my wife would be upset, if I gave up sex she'd be devastated.
  17. Exactly! We don't know/can't remember what we're missing. :LOL:
  18. :LOL: good point!
  19. If motorcycling is second on your list then you're not doing that right.

    Even if sex is better than motorcycling, the relationships you have to go through to get it are so much more toxic that it's really not worth the effort.

    Compare that to the trust you have with your motorcycle - turn the key it works, and every day you risk your life on it and rely on it.
  20. If you choose motorcycling first, you have the wrong partner.

    MOtorcycling is fun, but.

    so is flying
    hang gliding,
    bungee jumping

    etc etc.

    And I say this from the prspective of the same partnerfor more than 30 yrs.