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is red book ridiculously out of whack or is it the seller?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hippo, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. hey all, still trying to buy my first bike, so much choice makes me go crazy

    anyway, i was looking at this second hand kawa gpx250. it's a 2000 model with 6000km on the odometre and it's on ebay atm! the price right now is 3.6k and it hasn't hit reserve

    but then i went to check on red book for their market price, and it says:

    Trade in price guide* $1,300 - $1,500
    National average price - private sale* $1,900 - $2,300
    Price when new (RRP) $6, 790

    Is the private sale price really that low?? i've been searching the net, and haven't found anything near that price.

    Also, are there any other bikes that I should keep an eye out for? i was thinking the hyosung, but then a lot of people have recommended them because of their height, and since i'm 5"4 and about 45kg, i dont really need something catering to height. (unless it's lack of).
  2. VTR250.

    You have to pay an Ugly Tax if you buy a GPX250 on top of stamp duty etc.
  3. The average gets dragged down by people selling junk, basically. Non-roadworthy pieces of poo which make good lawn ornaments but not much else.
  4. A 2000 GPX with 6000kms... hmmm, will still have original tyres and has only needed two services...

    I'd be factoring in two new tyres (rubber has probably gone hard) and a full/major service (all fluids definitely need a change)...

    If in pristine condition, the seller could hope for as much $4500... but <$4k is prolly more realistic.

    I bought a 2nd hand gpx in 2001 - it was 18months old, pristine with 4500km and was being sold at a shop. Price was just over $5k.

    It just goes to show, that the price of these underrated and very capable budget priced faired bikes has come down in real terms.

    Good luck
  5. yes grasshopper , you have found early that redbook is worth nothing more than wiping your arse with :)
  6. Better off looking at the trading post for more realistic pricing
  7. Guide is on drugs.

    Much better idea to browse alot of ads to see what the average prices are.
  8. I do find a lot of the time that sellers price their bikes in the middle of the Red Book range of values.

    Of course the Red Book doesn't state what kind of condition the bikes are in, but I still believe that the Red Book is still a useful resource when looking for a bike.
  9. Red Book and Glasses guide are only good if youre a dealer buying a bike, so you can screw the trade in.

    they cause major havoc when financing bikes as they have no idea
  10. Redbook is also based on teh sales price stated to the RTA when you register the vehicle and pay your stamp duty.
    So if the buyer and seller come to an agreement on how much they are writing on the paperwork that is lower than the real value...
    It saves the buyer stamp duty, and screwes the redbook numbers up.
  11. redbook also places its price, based upon national averages, including those of "LAMS" states ;)
  12. Yup,its a joke...just let the market decide...which can be a cruel joke :(
  13. Doesn't matter what rebook says. you'll nearly never find anything for redbook prices. However some sellers use it as a guide, thoughs ads usually don't hang around long.

    a bike is worth however much people are willing to pay for it.

    As a tip i've just spent time researching over a long time... so sad ...

    and just get a feel for what a particular bike is worth.

    6000km is very low, i'd be saying you looking at about 4000- 4500+

    but this depends on condition, rego, etc.