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Featured Is Putty Road too challenging for a learner?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cameraguy, May 19, 2015.

  1. New here, nice to meet you all.

    Heard Putty Road is a bit of fun, but would a dry weekend day be too challenging for a learner? If I go are there any tips people might share about the road, stops, fuel, police etc?

    Thanks all.
  2. Absolutely no reason to avoid it.

    160km from Windsor to the next fuel at Broke servo which requires you to turn off at Milbrodale rd, which will be the first right turn you come to anyway.

    Come with me if you like.
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  3. Ha ha im off today same thing had my licence 5 mins... might stick my head out the door check weather than go for it !!!!
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  4. I learned to ride on the Putty, back in '74, and from the top end. Absolutely no reason to avoid it, apart from wild animals, boy racers with more money than experience or sense, and, of course, Highway Patrol cars!
    Nah, seriously, it's a wonderful ride. I often do nearly 160 kms to Wilberforce just to ride it.
  5. I rode it for the first time weekend before last - great ride - no traffic of any description (we arrived and left the grey gum at the right time) and not a HWP car to be seen - enjoy
  6. Go for it. One of the best roads around Sydney and will make you realize why you got your license. Just leave plenty of time and take the opportunity to get your cornering technique right rather than trying to set a land speed record and you'll have a ball.
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  7. I did Macquarie pass in the wet with about 1500km experience - looking back I wonder "what was I thinking" but I didn't really know what it was like before I got there - which was probably a good thing! Looking forward to going back there sometime soon (6500km under the belt now). Just take your time, don't be pressured by people behind you but be considerate too and if there's a safe place to stop and let people pass you - pull over :D
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  8. It has just about every type of conditions a day trip can offer as said, its a long day for new bodies to adapt to, maintaining concentration is important, especially between Broke and Dr Jurds, that bits a typical country lane. After a while you can spurt out locations just like us old farts. Tag along we Tweet if you can swing it, there is limited phone reception at the topend. That made me smile,road for one hell of a long time before the bloody things came about and it didn't stop me heading into the abyss so to speak.Do it for sure .
  9. cameraguycameraguy if you want a mate I could be interested! Never done Putty Road but everyone's comments are making my mouth water :p
  10. I took a learner rider on the Putty Rd a couple of months ago. My first time on this road too. Thought it was a bit tame after hearing lots about it. But then I had just finished a day on the Oxley, so no comparison I guess.
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    You were going too slow.

    It's like saying T1 at the Creek is tame because you took it at 110km/h.
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  12. Watch the Traddie vans returning to Sydney from the mines. I think the only persons going faster than them is the police that's chasing them.
  13. It's normally horse floats that ruin my day on Putty
  14. Best run ever on the 10 mile. I was heading south and they were lopping the trees close to the road, they had the traffic stopped for 30 minutes and I snuk up the side of the big rigs and got to the front. Absolute bliss when the flagman waved me through. Completely clear run the whole way to The Gray Gums.
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  15. I'm not familiar with the road, but I'd say it depends on the experience of the learner.. my rule of thumb with the missus (she got her licence a few months back) is that if I think it's too much/complex, it probably is...
  16. It's a road that has minimal enforcement once you leave Wilberforce and before Broke. The HWP will run operations targeting bikes there particularly on weekends but not that often and less so during the winter.
    Can never be sure though so think before rolling the dice.
    Paul has suggested something (I'll reply soon mate, flying home tomorrow) so stay tuned.
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    Thanks all for the info and replies, much appreciated. To those who've offered up some company even as well, I would love to take you up on it. Perhaps you could send me a private message and we can see what days line up best? Would be considering Sundays mostly, but some work days could work.

    Sounds like if i'm cautious with my turns and don't overcook it, it's a bunch of fun. Pulling off once in a while if you've formed a train seems reasonable too.

    Cheers all. Hope to see you out there soon.

    Love to - pm me and we'll see if we can make it work?

    Love to - hit me up via PM?
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  18. Ha ha i can feel a another putty run coming on lol im in only made it past colo then ran out of time headed back really need to do this road in full
  19. I have looked at Putty Road on google, nearest thing I can see might be Reefton or Black Spur, but nothing like 160km of curves! Is there a similar road to the Putty in Mexico?
  20. Maybe something like this? Not quite as long though. upload_2015-5-19_20-40-4.
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