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Is premium petrol good for bikes?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Antiwarclan, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. G'day everyone,

    As per the topic, is premium petrol good for the bike's engine? I got a VL250 and I used to feed it with Shell premium or unleaded 98 and above. Went for service and the mechanic told me not to use premium petrol. Is that true? I just wanted to have some 3rd party opinion for this.
  2. Using premium will cause no damage to your bike, but it will empty your wallet quicker for no real gain.

    What does your manual say to use?
  3. What b12mick said. :)

    I imagine the VL250's manual will ask for 91 octane in Australia, meaning it's been tuned to run on that octane level and won't see any tangible benefit from higher octane levels.

    (Contrary to semi-popular belief, high-octane fuel doesn't make any more power in and of itself.)
  4. Antiwarclan, if you want to delve into this further, search will provide you a lot of information.
  5. +1 to Spots and B12 :)

    We discussed this recently, Antiwarclan ... the short answer is, use whatever is specified for your bike in the owners manual and you can't go wrong.

    I used to use premium, believing (thanks to the advertising) that it was better for my bike. When I checked to see what was specified for my bike I discovered that the specification was way lower (from memory I think it was "At least 88RON"). I gave 91RON a try and found my bike actually runs better!

    So the moral of the story is to use what the manufacturer specifies. My only other advice would be, in addition to using the right kind of fuel, only use good quality fuel (i.e. don't fill up at Kwik-E-Mart).


  6. I use premium 95 oct on my VL 250, even though i know the manual says 91 oct. I used the 95 because here in NSW all 91 oct are laced with 10% ethanol, and i don't know how the bike will react to it.

    Manual doesn't say anything about ethanol.
  7. i have found the dearer fuel gives better mileage and i am told it is more refined and that is where it is better for your bike. cheap is cheap
  8. Yeah, avoid ethanol. Does bad bad things to the rubber o-rings. I generally run 98 in my vfr just because it is generally only a couple of cents more than the 95. I find the brand actually impacts performance more than octane level. Caltex vortex 98 seems to provide more pull than BP ultimate.
  9. that is why you shouldnt buy from united
    not cos they are all arabs
  10. Thanks for the input everyone! Haven't got the time to look at the manual yet but will do so tonight.. Yeah the mechanic mentioned to avoid Shell's 98 and above as for other brand 98 will be ok but not premium.
  11. Was your mechanic referring to his own recent Vpower experience or Optimax issues with the past?
  12. I would say he is referring to his experience.. not 100% sure tho.
  13. When I first bought my cruiser (a 2009 VStar) I was running 98. After taking it to the mechanic because it wasn't running well - they advised to not run 98. Apparently, it fouls the plugs. A change of plugs and a switch to 91 - runs perfectly. YMMV.
  14. You've misunderstood. Is he restating Shell petrol experience from the time Optimax was around (>4years ago) or is he referring to Vpower which is the current Shell premium fuel?
  15. I was told also, but for cbr250rr that premium is a no no, and stick to normal unleaded...

    I only put in premium because the bike wasn't running right(thought premium might help), so I stripped the petrol tank off, and by the looks of it, it already had premium in it.. so I took the carby off, inspect...all good..wasn't that

    so i'm gonna give normal unleaded a shot after i empy this tank lol

    i changed the spark plugs, seems a little better i must say
  16. If your compression ratio is above 9.5/1 , higher octane is helpful at stopping pinging.My old Italian sports bike has 10.5/1 pistons fitted and my 4 stroke dirt bike has similar and I used 98 Caltex especially in Summer.That Shell Opimax would fowl plugs really easy and that steers me clear of Shell higher octane fuels,so are they now similar to the other brands?
  17. AFAIK, Optimax and Vpower are different beasts.
  18. Short answer: Depends on your bike.

    Long answer: A higher octane rating basically means that it takes more pressure/heat to ignite the fuel. So if the fuel is burning when it shouldn't (the pining mentioned above), upping the octane may fix it. But if 91 or 95 is running just fine, there's no particular reason to use 98.

    Find out what your bike likes to eat, and feed it that :).
  19. Thanks again for the input to this post. Checked my manual and it recommend to use normal fuel. Learn my lesson here! READ the manual!!
  20. i got a vn250 (the newer version of your bike but same engine) and i just use normal unleaded but i add a spoon full of FUEL SET (made by liquid engineering in WA), and it never misses, and revs its little 250 azz off.