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Is pink a colour?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. There is no pink in the visible spectrum, hence it doesn't exist. Discuss.

  2. ...is this a gay test?

  3. WTF? Cherry is more red, cinnamon is more light brown and that eggplant looks decidedly anaemic. Violet is in the wrong place too - it should be in the light purple group not the pink group.

    I call shennanigans.
  4. Oh dear.
  5. Pink is a horrible feminine colour that I hate and I refuse to have it anywhere near me :D
  6. You don't have pink bits?
  7. If its in the rainbow song...it exists
  8. And here I was thinking I was alone in this fanatical female pink crazed universe! I agree, was passed by a chick in pink at the last track day [-( this is only acceptable once(and was still hard to swallow), and the said pink rider remained behind for the rest of the day. :p

    The above chart! Proof that chicks complicate life! ](*,)
  9. You wear pink dont you.
  10. Proves the only color women know is pink...
    Someone needs to tell them others are fruit, stones, flowers, etc....... :p

  11. I looked at that chart and thought that I'm on the guy's side. I also don't like clothes shopping. If I need something I'll have a quick look around, buy what I want and get out of there. Here's a pic of what usually happens when a woman goes shopping:

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  12. It actually costs me $39 for the jeans....
    Need a few bucks for those massage chairs while I wait rather than follow the other half...:LOL:
    And I'm still ahead...:p
  13. -----------

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  14. I Looked at the chicks side and the only colour I am remotely familiar with is wine. I dont like clothes shopping or supermarket shopping yuk! Being an ex cyclist Im always looking for the fastest lines thru a shopping centre, get in and get the hell out.
  15. Nah I'm not on play school

  16. :-s Anymore?
  17. Pretty sure once you wear the play school brand, you wear it for life

    On a more positive note....I now own a petroleum dress
  18. The cherry red is right, Thats 950 Degrees C In a hot bit of steel. Or the hardness temp in a lot of steels,

    I pay $10-00 for my jeans,

    And a pink lid cant go on a red bike, Duhhhh,