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Is Pablos the best place to buy tyres?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by T2, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. I have heard a lot of people rave about them .Are they really that good?

    :? :roll:

  2. Yes
  3. they do pretty good prices, so do treads and things in ringwood
  4. Based on the shoddy workmanship and average prices I saw when they used to be located in Richmond, I'd steer _well_ clear of them.

    But they may well have changed hands since then.
  5. Beware of the hoon driving the pablo's ute! Also they were quite rude to me so i took my business elsewhere.
  6. i had my RWC done there, they guys were fine and friendly. They're prices are supposed to be good, but I've never had any work done there
  7. friendly guys, but dont let them know if you're a newbie.

    they told me they couldnt get Shinko or even Bridgestone tyres to fit my bike.
  8. I don't know about them being the "best" place. Bob Jane in the City is a Netrider partner and gives Netrider members 10% off on presnetation of your membership card. I reckon that accounts for a lot when deciding if somewhere is the "best" place :)
  9. Never been to Pablos but the guy at Bob Janes in the city is fast, friendly and happy to give the 10%. That's all you need when buying tyres.
  10. probably because they don't want to sell shinko or Bridgestone tyres, makes sense too really, did you ask them if they sell them?
  11. nope
    they are for sale!
    you wanna BUY a Bike Tyre shop..??
    see the ad in the latest AMCN :)
  12. No
  13. If you would like some tyres shoot me a PM...(No I don't sell em) but have a mate who can get em at a very good price although you will have to organise fitting them


    Keith :)

  14. sorry, didnt see your post earlier!

    I specifically asked them for bridgestone since that was what I had on my bike previously, and I was happy with the performance and wear of them.
  15. Went to Pablos the first time and I found the service to be quite good. Friendly service and staff. I'll be going back there when I need to change my front tyre :)
  16. I have been buying my tyres there for a year now... (and that is where I get %90 of the tyres for my customers as well)

    Prices.. they are about $5 more expensive than the average... but I found their service to be VERY good... Even to a point if they don't have it in stock they will go out to another store and buy it from them!!
  17. It’s a shame there so far away though as Pablos is like 3 minutes for me
    O yea and ive been happy with the service there...even though the last rear tyre had a few problems getting it in from transport