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is owning two bikes cheaper than owning one?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by idontlikemondays, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. This may sound like a dumb question i know, but id be very keen to hear from people who do this, ie have a 250 (or something comprable like a GS500) for the daily grind and shitty city traffic, and then own a weekender ie a litre bike. or would it be better to get something halfway and use for everything. this question arose for me, since after talking to a number of people who suggested a firestorm would suite my needs perfectly. and at seeing a recent model one (05 model) in bikesales for only around $6500, with tank and fairing damage, i would have most likely brought it, had it not sold before i called the owner. but when i looked into the sums of registation and insurance, phrases like "holy snapping duck shit" went through my head at the price of a greenslip (well over 600 bucks).
    So without crapping on any further. would be cheaper to own one bike (ie a CBR600f) compared to owning two bikes (such as a vtr250, and a vtr 1000 firestorm) after everything goes into it like insurace, fuels costs etc. keeping in mind i do about 300ks a week commuting and only about 100ks for the weekend twisties. any opinions and experiances would be greatly apprectiated.

  2. adding rego ($500-$600 approx?) and whatever insurance costs would surely cancel out any fuel savings each year.

    *edit* That said, it'd be more fun to ride a 250 in (city) traffic and litre for weekend twisties.. :) Money shouldn't be a BIG consideration when considering pure enjoyment, "big toys" are never considered to be cheap :)
  3. I own two bikes, just the insurance and rego would make you think twice about the idea.

    Then you will have depreciation etc. etc. Smaller bikes are not always as economical as large bikes.
  4. YES. If that's what you need to hear to justify having two bikes, just massage the figures until they come out right... For example, let's say you've got a super-sport literbike and a cheap runabout like a CB250. CB will cost a couple of hundred a year in rego and insurance; while if you have a prang on your literbike fairings alone will cost more than that.
    And there you go - two bikes ARE cheaper than one.
  5. Yeah i know its an indulgence having two bikes. i was just curious to hear from people that do it. and given the way a firestorm likes a drink, i reckon the 300 dollars it costs me to insure and register the VTR 250 would be saved in petrol. i understand the cbr600 likes a drink too, just not to the same extent as the firestorm.
    i guess its stupid to ignore the practicality side of it too.
    but thanks heaps for your imput so far guys

  6. easy
    move to qld, single seat rego them (205 each inc ctp)

    then it's worth it :)
  7. No way. Twice the rego, twice the insurance, twice the maintenance, oil, tyres, and let's face it you'll ride the bigger one to work anyway - 'cause you can!

    Get one bike that can do it all.

    And a dirt bike.
  8. I have two(look at my sig). I only have two because I am in a position to throw money at my love of riding. I wanted a touring bike that could go off-road. But I also want something more sporty that is a good commuter. Which is why I have the bikes I have. But I pay dearly for it - especially in NSW. If I was short of cash, one of them would go but I really hope I don't see that day because it would be like trying to decide on which of my children(if I had any) to give away. If I had to choose, the CBR would go which would compromise my enjoyment of the twisties and would make commuting slightly more difficult. But at least I could go anywhere on the V-strom and go twice as far in a day.

    It all depends on what you want to do on a bike. In my case, my two requirements were generally unable to be met by the one bike. I tried taking the CBR off-road and it wasn't a pleasant experience. I also took it on a 2000km trip and it hurt like hell. But take it out on the twisties or commute on it and it is brilliant.

  9. That is so true !
    I've ridden the Monster more time to work than the VTR !

    Only have two bikes if your in the position to do so, but to answer your question, its double the costs.
  10. 2 bikes will definately cost you more if all goes well. But then if you have a second bike which is an i dont care about bike, then maybe in the long run it could be as your first bike wont get as many k's, less likely to get damaged and so on. But having 2 good bikes is not cheaper.
  11. The only way to make it work would be to either buy a cheap bike as a commuter, something that had a huge supply of secondhand parts available through wreckers or Ebay. Something smallish for cheaper rego, insurance and tyre costs. Something bulletproof.
    Frankly, I do all my own work, and I couldn't justify the expense of two bikes, so sadly the Z went. I also have a truck project which is going to cost me rego etc son, so that was a factor.
    If you are also running a car, you'll be a poor man.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Yes that also. The wife has her scooter and her car. I have the luxury of 2 bikes (but i do want a naked sports for my collection) as i have a company car. But i can assure you if i had to run my own car, then only one bike for me. Oh ok well maybe still 2.. :grin:
  13. I'm going to buy another bike next year, so i'll have the zed for short fun trips and since i love wandering the countryside I'll be looking for something like a vfr800

    Sometimes one bike just isn't enough :)

    Problem is I'll also have a company car, and not enough room :)
  14. If its soley cost your concerned about then buy a the cbr600 it will suit all your needs and just one rego and maintanance etc... fun commuting, weekend twisties and going away on, will be a hel of alot more practical than having a litre bike and a 250 . Having said that I am about to add a big bore traily to my garage next to the CBR to satisfy my love of dirt :wink:
  15. Shame you need to butcher your bike seat and pillion peg mounts beyond repair/reversal to qualify. :(
  16. ROFL.

    I only have one bike - but 5 cars!.
    And I don't need them either!.

    I run a car yard so have the pick of the yard for commuting.

    You can justify anything if you want to. Affording it is a different matter!.

    I have a homemade salad for lunch, and skimp on other things to make sure I get my petrol head fix all year round!.

    Blown FJ, Lotus XI, Brabham BT21, Blown Statesman, Turbo Clubman (own design, 260kw, 380kg, road reg), Suzuki M50 (thats 50 cubic inch, not cc)

    You are a long time dead, enjoy life while you can!
  17. Between my boyfriend and i we have 4 bikes and 2 cars. Bikes for track days and weekend riding, the cars for daily work...
    Not cheap but what is these days? You just have to learn to skimp on other things if you have to.
    Sit down and add up the costs of what two bikes would cost you a year and then your other exspences and see what is left outa your yearly income... You never know you might be able to afford a track bike a weekend fun bike and a commuter....
    Have fun.
  18. Between us we have 2 cars and 2 bikes... but its definitely not cheap down here in Tassie to do so - at the moment I am considering rego (incl green slip but $550 a year) for 6 months and then not rego during winter when its unlikely I will ride... this I can do because I am sure that both bikes would get through the inspection if rego has lapsed more than 3 months. So far havent had to do this but am considering it with the cost of rego and the weather factor down here :wink:

    Just one bit of feedback on an earlier comment... the 600RR I find excellent on fuel economy - I did around 400km on 14 litres (on the Hobart-Launceston run), although have found when its windy it drops to around 300km - personally have found it more economical than the f4i that we also have.
  19. A while ago I did the sums on this for myself ( ie. in Victoria)
    The result was that was cheapest to run one relatively simple midsize bike (for example SV650) with lowish servicing costs. A top end 600 supersport will cost almost as much as a litre bike to run.
    However if you really MUST have that big bike, it can actually work out cheaper to commute on a crappy old 250 or suchlike, and keep the big one for sunny weekends. But only if you choose not to insure the tiddler, run harder tyres etc..
    Depends a bit on how many k's you would do, local cost of rego etc.
  20. everyone, thanks so much for all your feedback. its given me a heaps better perspective of the whole thing. i really am torn on what to do. sell the vtr, buy the cbr600f, or keep the vtr and buy the firestorm. both sides have the goods and bads. paying the extra 400 bucks a year to keep the vtr and use it for commuting is attractive given how much of it i do. i guess i will have to sit down and do the sums, and weigh it up against the practicality.
    once again thanks heaps.