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is overtaking on the outside whilst cornering bad form?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. so, i find myself smack in the middle, one m/c in front, another behind, heading towards a short but sweet bit of two lane twisty that i'm sure is popular with the locals.

    it's a fare pace and we're all spread out at a reasonable distance. the limit is 60 but since the road beyond is clear pushing 80-85 is more like it.
    anything more, well, good luck with that.

    the guy in front looks to have some nice lines but he starts to weave for some strange reason. me, i stick to what i've done countless times and nothing more.

    the guy behind... well, quickly i glance in the mirror to see that he is back there and gaining. far enough, he looks competent and it seems we're all on large capacity bikes and none, well, to my mind, are at a disadvantage: let the fun begin.


    anyway, we get to the location marked by the red dot(north bound) and we're all kinda cranking, well moderately leaning(no peg scraping!) to the right into the corner when the guy in front starts to weave again like he thinks he is warming his tyres. me, i lessen the throttle cus i really don't know what he's doing but stay on my chosen line and then the pucker moment:

    the guy behind me has disappeared and to my astonishment i find him in my peripheral accelerating up my left hand side no more then a metre and a half away in the same lane. ok, not cool! accident X a thousand should i choose to freak the fcuk out, mang! so not cool, dude.


    EDIT: whoops!!! regarding the above pic: we should be in the left lane.

    he continues his forward assault passing me and the guy in front and then we all go our separate ways.

    perhaps he saw differently or not but stuff like this just adds to that shit list of why i don't ride in groups.

  2. I always wait until its a straight, and them to move over to let me pass. If its a rider, 99/100 they will give you the opportunity to pass.

    I think overtaking in a corner is bad form unless its clear they know you are there and are sticking to one side of the lane in the corner to let you pass, and its a relatively slow pass.
  3. Sound to me like he was coming up behind, but you backed off suddenly by your own admission, and so he took the only evasive action possible while at lean to avoid ramming you, and you're having a whinge about it.

    Sorry - just what it sounds like to me. Yes - you should avoid groups. I'd hate to come up behind you mid-corner, and if I did and you did that, I'd have done the exact same thing. No harm intended - I just wouldn't want to hit you, and I'd rather that you were a long way behind me.
  4. Agreed with Phizog. Also, if they're consistently not letting you overtake, and slowing down in the corners and openeing up in the straights, it might call for an overtake (a very calculated one). Again, if you can see clearly through the corner so well that you know you're not going to cause an accident with an oncoming car...but in this case he was in your lane - that's not cool! You're assuming you can move about in that lane - and even if he moved to the other side of the road, how did he know you wouldn't suddenly slip out to overtake the other guy?

    It's his responsibility to be ready to slow down if he's approaching bikes and they're doing less than his speed, just as you had to and were ready to do.


    Ps Flux - I like the sound of your diet! Guys on the SR forum often talk about chopping the bike to get weight off it to get more high end speed. Somebody once mentioned how they could get 5kgs off, and it was suggested there was plenty of weight to be removed from somewhere else! :LOL:
  5. ah fluxie, i backed off the throttle slightly to lessen the distance between zig zag boy in front.

    one would have thought that anybody behind me would naturally do the same. had he rammed into me who would be at fault?

    if anything the criticism would be about the buffer zone and his anticipation or lack thereof, from my perspective, of what was in front of him. bonehead move by him in mid-lean, no?
  6. That's the thing twainharte. You're all hooking up to some corner at pace, and everyone's expecting each other to carve it up, and then suddenly everything changes.

    The guy behind would be at fault. Yes - he should keep a decent buffer, but sometimes these things can be misjudged, especially if you braked a little harder than expected.

    Don't know - I've done plenty of track days where I've followed people, thinking that they'll do one thing, and then without warning, they'll stop doing the expected and I've had to go around them mid-corner. The guy behind might be like that. Expected you to do one thing, you did another, and so he avoided you. Not an ideal situation to be in, of course, but if no-one connected and it was otherwise safe enough, no biggie.

    Then again, after having incidents like people's bikes bouncing off my outside knee-slider at 220kph at the track, I just probably have a different perspective on what's tolerable, so don't mind me.

    Sorry if I come across as a bit harsh. I just reckon it would've been a scary moment for all, and it wasn't intentional.
  7. mate, all comments are welcomed. yourself and others can only go by my account. just another moment to add to the wtf folder.
  8. It all sounds a bit out of order...

    I think I'd be more annoyed with the dude in front pissing around TBH. It's understandable the guy behind you getting tetchy.

    Still, it ain't that hard to wait for a straight to bang it.
  9. this road is double solid lines so no overtaking for those that want to go to heaven :twisted:

    be it zig zag boy, a truck or a busload of seven day adventists, i like to try to stick to the rules and good ol' fashion common sense every now and then :grin:

    besides, we were all, imo, going a fair clip, obviously too slow, perhaps for the guy behind me. who really knows?
  10. The only thing that the 3rd guy might have done wrong is not know you Twainharte. I'm sure he had it all sorted from his end, but like you say, if you had have freaked out then it all turns ugly. I think that was his big mistake. Riding like that is fine with predictable mates but no good with strangers unless you're on a track.

    Two mistakes actually.... he also had too quiet a bike. I only do trackriding now and pass and get passed in the corners all the time. The only times that it's an arsetwitcher is at trackdays with real newbies when I'm not heard (still got ADR pipe on) and the rider that was infront picks up their bike once they spot you up beside them. Incidentally this is an advantage while racing. "I didnt even know you were there till I got your bars in my ribs." :LOL:
  11. twainharte, that wasnt in kuringgai national park was it?

    id only ever over take on a bend if:
    1/ i know the rider, trust the rider, and have observed him to not cross on the wrong side of the road
    2/ have at least 500m of vision in front of me unobscured with no traffic oncoming. (that gives what? about 10 secs to overtake? assuming 100kmh both ways)
  12. Any overtaking mid-corner while 'moving' is bad form for my 2c...different story if the rider being overtaken is just cruising, or puts the overtaker in a bad spot and it becomes evasive. Basically, any overtaking mid-corner that surprises the overtaken rider = no.
  13. nope.

  14. Sounds like he just wanted to show off and blast past you all.

    I've overtaken a couple people in corners. I just make sure i can see their line, if its a safe exit and that they ain't going to run wide.
  15. In the picture, why are you slightly levetating from the road?

    Also, who took the picture, was it the second guy?
  16. Sorry, mate, but you are telling porkies. By my recollection of many drives along that road, it's 60 kph limit the whole way, and double unbroken line the whole way, and has houses and side-streets and kids with soccer balls the whole way too. You SHOULDN'T be 'hooking into it' along there under any circumstances, and certainly no-one should be overtaking for any reason.

    That said, the guy who rounded you up up the inside was the stupidest of the trio.......
  17. You've gotta be kidding, he has edited it in to give everyone a better mental image of the situation.
  18. yrs of training.

    ok, i'm confused now cus i thought i was the 2nd guy...

  19. ah, hornet: ye of little faith in thy common man.

    amongst all that there is a fair comment.

    several mths ago,further up that road past sandy point a young motorcyclist was hit and killed by a u-turning truck.

    ah revered, you are telling porkies!

    the majority of the FUN turns ARE within the tree lined road. one even needs to slow for the speed camera. yes, near the specified red dot there are houses that are set back. past sandy point there is broken lines for overtaking if the opportunity is there. further up there is soccor and baseball fields and one would really have to be a nut to speed along most of this road or any other "suburban road", imo. FYI: i do not ever overtake on double lines however tempting!( guess you gonna have to take my word for this, eh...)

    a spirited run through the twisties. not much different to the ones you've done so many times through the pass or natio, eh?

    you almost had me convinced i'm yet another mindless dickhead on an m/c. :LOL:

    awaiting my penance, sir. :wink:
  20. Pfft, mccarrs is much worse than that. Add wildlife running all over the road and massive 4wds towing giant boats around and then you get a good image of it :D

    Mind you, it isn't wise to speed there.. but its so fun..