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Is My Repairer Ripping Me Off?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by alungski, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. I recently had to get repairs to my Breva. Minor drop that the other driver took full responsibility for.
    Having only just got the bike back I've noticed that even though Staintunes only come in sets, they've only replaced one of them. Is that normal practice? Is it something I have a right to complain about

    The bike istself is running quite ragged - e.g. idles at 750 or just below and therefore keeps stalling. That's disappointing as it had just been adjusted (by their workshop) prior to the accident and was running beautifully. Would this be a result of having a single new pipe put on, but no tuning being done?

    Any advice greatly appreciated...
  3. hey, thanks for the feedback...

    so far as i know, the full set was quoted as part of the repair.
    I don't know the exact details as this was pretty much all done while i was in incapacitated.
    I Don't know what the insurance co. requested the reapirer to do, but i had thought that replacing pipes would naturally lead to tuning the bike to the pipes that've just been fitted.
    or perhaps that is just being naiive...
  4. If they've charged for a set but only provided one, then it's questionable. Since you're not paying the bill, they're not ripping you off though, are they?

    As far as the running goes, definitely have a yarn to them. Don't talk about "ripping off", just tell them that it was running great and now it's not and ask them to give it a look over - it's probably a 2 minute adjustment.
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  5. If it's a one-for-one replacement (ie. replacing a good condition pipe with an identical pipe in similar condition) then retuning shouldn't be necessary. Of course, if your old pipe was in terrible condition, that's a different story.
  6. sage advice - i'll have a word with the man...

    Please post in the correct forum or next time your thread will be deleted.
  8. You're only entitled to have replaced what was damaged in the accident, not what you think should be replaced.