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Is my helmet wrecked?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by HeavyNinja, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. I applied rain x to my visor, only on outside, applied rain x to a microfiber cloth and applied as per instruction. However I noticed what looked like water inside the visor. Turns out it was not water but plastic film crumbling. I left the visor on the helmet and applied the rain x to cloth first, so pretty sure I never got any inside. Then remembered yesterday I used glasses cleaner to wipe the inside of the visor. Is the film peeling normal or have I melted a layer of my visor? Might be reason to get a pinkock as my s900 never came standard with the pinkock visor.

  2. Hmmm, maybe there is a protective film on the visor you were meant to peel off? I'm assuming it's new gear?
  3. Yeah new gear, but there was only the film on front of visor. Never saw any protective film on inside.
  4. Maybe that plastic is meant to be removed?

    I have a Shark S900, don't remember there being film inside the visor?
  5. If it is wrecked take it back to the shop asap, you may have a faulty visor.
  6. You might be correct, I think you may have bugged the visor, I've heard Rain X is not recommended for use on plastics.

    A better option could be a polish or protectant designed for plastics like 303 or similar
  7. Here is a pic.

    Attached Files:

  8. That looks a bit dodgy, can you peal it off ?
  9. Doesn't look good. Neither RainX nor glass cleaner are recommended for plastics (from memory RainX says it pretty clearly on the packaging NOT to use it on plastic).
  10. I can peel it off if I rub it with my finger. Otherwise nope. I checked for a film inside. Looks like new visor for me. It never did that on the outside of helmet and I never applied rain x to the inside
  11. I am guessing it probably has an anit fog film or coating that doesn't play well with Rain X , looks like the safest bet would be a new visor
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  12. Yeah I am assuming it was an anti fog film. I ran it under water and rubbed most of it off so I can use the helmet this weekend if I need it. Now it fogs crazy, will buy a new visor. Why if rain x is not safe, everyone says to ise it?
  13. I think you'll find not everyone does say that. It's methanol based and the solvent can eat a lot of plastics.
  14. Rain X is awesome on car windscreens, maybe there is a general assumption that it must be good on helmet visors as well, but it appears you have just disproved that one :(.
  15. My instructor uses it as does my uncle in law. Bikebiz even sell it. The outside where I applied it is fine and is repelling the water great. Must have got a touch under the visor.
  16. Use Cat Crap inside for anti-fogging, works great...
  17. That's the name of a product, by the way. Don't rub literal cat crap inside your visor. Just sayin'.
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  18. Hahahahahahaha, plenty of it here with two cats in the house. Will buy some during week.

    Otherwise looking through the visor is clear, and the rain x really does repel well, I sprayed water on the helmet and it just beaded off. I guess if your visor has an inbuilt anti fog, don't get rain x on it.
  19. Oh it's good stuff, just so long as it's the right one for your visor material. I used to use it on my old Brumby ute windscreen. Could see better when I left the wipers off once I had that stuff on it. I remember seeing a version for plastic as well, but not for a while.
  20. For next time, maybe try PLEXUS or VUPLEX.
    Same stuff, different brands, Google or U tube it. I use it clean and polish the bike, helmet, visor. Fantastic stuff. :)
    cheers Fred.
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