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Is my GPX250 pinging?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by murphy0987, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. The last few days i have noticed a rattling sound coming from the engine, generally only when the engine is up in the rev range (8000rpm+). Ive never known what pining sounds like before, but i think the rattling is pining. I always put BP premium in my bike, however I have only noticed rattling sound on this tank of fuel.

    Also, I read somewehere that in some cases, using high octane fuel in bikes like gpx's can sometime cause pining and make the bike run rich? Anyone know if this is true? Im considering filling up with standard unleaded for a few tanks to see how it runs.

    Any advice would be great thanks.
  2. It could be a bad tank of fuel.

    Drain it and try another batch from somewhere else.

    Pinging is a light tinkling or rattling sound which, if not corrected, can eventually lead to the erosion of the top of the piston = a melted piston or a hole in a piston.

    I don't think you read that - it's quite the opposite of what high octane (PULP versus ULP) fuel is meant to do. The extra "richness" of PULP is hardly noticeable - you won't have to change jetting. Don't use ordinary unleaded if you are supposed to use Premium or even 95. You will damage something. I am sure you either have a bad batch of fuel or you have a bolt or similar which has come loose.

    To check - opening the throttle more under load will increase pinging immediately, if the fuel is bad. Increasing revs will increase the rattling sound if you have a loose bolt or similar. Reducing the throttle should always stop pinging, but a rattle from a loose fitting will probably continue.


    Trevor G

    PS Why did you lose the "g"s everywhere except in the subject title, when writing the word "pining"? Just curious... ;-)
  3. +1 Trev
  4. Maybe OP meant pinning it to the throttle stop :LOL:

    I picked up a tank of "pinging 98" at my fav Mobil last weekend. Cant wait to get through about 15lt and top up again. I suspect they dropped a tank of 91 in the wrong tank but I have run 91 before without pinging.

    Agree with you trev.