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IS my clutch cable about to break?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Chriso, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Last nite i got on my bike after it had warmed up n i went down the street n then all of a sudden when i next changed gears it seemed like the cable had stretched or somethin. Now there is a bit of free play and not the friction point is alot ferther in. I had looked at the cable and i can see any bits of wire that has broken off :oops:

    Does this sound like its the cable ? if it does break i guess im in a bit of trouble while im ridin it?

    Is it hard to change on the crb250rr? cost for the cable ? and if i got someone else to do it, what would u think i would be up for in labour?

    Hope u guys can help :roll:

  2. If you can see broken wire strands on the cable, yes it's time to replace it. A new one should cost aprox $30 (that's what one cost for my zzr). Not sure of the exact procedure to replace the cable on the cbr, but it should be fairly simple. Basically you need to disconnect the old cable from the clutch lever, and also from down where it joins up on the clutch cover. You may need to take the clutch lever assembly apart to do this. Then tape the new cable to the end of the old cable, and pull the old cable out. Doing it this way ensures that the new cable runs where it is supposed too. Reconnect the lever and the bottom end, adjust tension if you need to, and you're away. It's 10 minutes work if you know what you're doing, so it shouldn't be too expensive to get someone to do it for you.
  3. Hi chriso

    I have changd the clutch cabel on my cbr rr 250 its dead easy: cabel $25:00
    Equipment need : torch,spanner and allan keys thats it.
    time is about half hour to do the job.
    Start by removing fairing then cable from up the top lever and pop in then start threading the cabel thru exactly the same way as you start removing the other one if you do this at the same time you follow correct path. when you get to the bottom which is the right hand side remove nuts and old cable and place new one in thighten nuts to get correct lever tension replace fairing take for a test run and make any adjustments on returning. Thats it simple
  4. Thanx guys,

    Yeah it was the cable when i dropped it off at the shop i could see a peice of wire stickin through the outer tube near the clutch lever.

    they changed it for me and topped up the fluids n retighten the chain and wheel alignment for $100 n i think thats fair.

    When i picked it up they showed me the old cable. damn i was lucky it didnt break on both ends :shock: so its all good now :grin: