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Is my Clutch broken or just the cable?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Iondah, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Edit:
    After playing around with the cable for a while, I'm starting to think the cable breaking may have been a symptom rather than cause of the problem.

    When the bike is running in gear (on centre-stand in 1st) I am unable to disengage the gears even by pulling directly on the clutch (to simulate pulling of the lever) there is also very little friction on the clutch, seems to be just the spring that makes it flick open but no actual friction from the gears. I'm wondering if the clutch itself is stuffed... is it common for the cable to snap when the clutch goes?

    I'm getting the feeling this is going to be expensive :cry:


    Apologies for repeating a topic, but im writing from my phone and the battery is about to die so I dont have time to go searching. To cut a long story short my clutch cable broke tonight and I need to fix it to get to work on monday. So, if anyone knows where I can get a replacement or how to knock a temporary one up on a sunday please PM me. Also, if theres anyone in the templestowe area who could help me fix it I'd really appreciate it. Again, sorry for not searching. :)

    Edit: the ball from the leaver end has broken off and taken a bit of cable with it so I think I need a new cable as well as the ball to slot into the lever.

  2. hey mate...cant help you fix it as i have no idea, but u ok? Stuck somewhere? If you need a lift anywhere, let me know...

  3. You can ride without a clutch, would not reccommend it, but you can change gears on the bike by shutting the throttle and forcing the gears at low rpms (to minimise forces involved). Not healthy aside from getting home. and if you have a soldering iron, you can solder up the wire through the cylinder, just use a butane/lpg torch to melt the solder for the old one, draw the wire in, and solder that in with hard/soft solder. should be workable to get to a dealer (call ahead, never trust temporary repairs)
  4. agreed i rode for a week without a clutch. just fixed it this morning. not recomended but very possible.

    best to just replace the cable.

    is the cable broken at one of the ends? if it is then you can solder it for a jury rig, will hold for ages. but i wouldnt depend on it for long.
  5. Years ago my throtle cable broke so i tied it to my rear brake pedal (drum brake) and released the pressure on the adjuster and used the rear brake pedal as a throttle.Not sure if it would work with a clutch cable.Or if you have a drum brake.
  6. Thanks guys. Yeah I got home OK thanks to RACV. I also worked out how to clutchless shift - rode the entire length of the Mt Dandenong Tourist Drive that way in face. Just ran into strive when I had to stop at some light and kept stalling when I tried to take off.

    So, any suggestions where to find one of these beauties on a sunday in sunny Melbourne??
  7. I bought a spare clutch cable when I started relying on the bike everyday.
    It was a 4 week backorder! so glad I did!.

    If you disconnect the cable, there are a couple of bike shops open in Ringwood, that may be able to find something close if you have a sample!
  8. Just spoke to my mechanic and he suggested the actuator might be stuffed (without taking a look) - is that bad?
  9. Yay! Spoke to the mechanic today and he says it's just the cable that's broken. So I've ordered that and decided the bike reserves a new front tyre to boot. :grin: I get my shiny back on monday!