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Is my clutch broken or is it just rubbish?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Meyerhoff, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. I have a 2007 cbf 250. I rode a vt750 the other day and as soon as i got back on my cbf i noticed a massive difference. MY clutch lever is very heavy and also rather spongy. Does something need some maintenance or is just because its a crappy cheap bike?

    Also compared to the cbf125's i rode my bike cant idle for shit. When first started Sometimes itll stall even with full choke. The 125's idled instantly with no choke. Is there anything i can do about this?


  2. Sounds like it needs a good service. Could be any number of thing but let your mechanic sort it...cheers
  3. Without researching, I'll guess your little bike has a cable clutch, and the cable is probably old and stiff where the other bike has a hydraulic clutch.

    Regarding idling, yours has a carb, the other injected? If so that's a distinct difference and the ecu takes care of adjusting fueling on an injected bike.
  4. If your bike won't idle when cold with choke the tuning is definitely wrong. It could be as simple as idle set too low but more likely if something is out there would be other things too. Get a tuneup.

    Clutches will feel different from bike to bike as the mechanical arrangements will be different. If your clutch is cable, try lubing the cable in case it is just sticking from dirt and grime. If this doesn't help a new cable may be needed.a new cable may help if the old one is sticking. If clutch is hydraulic it may require bleeding.

    A good test of the clutch would be too find someone else with same bike and see what theirs feels like.
  5. I bought it used about 6 months and 5k kms ago. 15k total. It hasnt been serviced and i dont know the history. I've given it a new chain and oil and spark plug since then. Although the oil was a mix of mainly 30w and 40w when the manual called for 40w

    Ive loosened the clutch nut off at the top to be loose since my fingers dont have much reach. But tightening it doesnt make any difference.

    I'll definitely give that product a try. Thanks twistngo

    As for the idling i dont know if the cbf125's have EFI, but if the 250's dont i doubt the 125's do. Its hard to tell because honda essentially sells completely different bikes in diff markets under the same cbf brand.
  6. If you don't know the history of a bike it is always a good idea to have it immediately serviced.

    If it doesn't quite feel right and hasn't been serviced I would start with that. If not tuned right no amount of carby cleaner or other additives magic is going to fix it.

    The adjustment on the clutch lever will alter the position that the clutch takes up. It is normally set with about 2mm of free play at the pivot end of the lever although some bikes set it at the end of the lever which is obviously a greater amount of play. However this will NOT alter the heaviness of the clutch.

    While these things are probably not hard, if you do not know what you are doing it is probably best to get the bike checked by a mechanic.
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    In my experience, when the clutch gets stiff and 'mushy' it's often a sign the cable's on the way out. Check both ends for fraying, especially close to the nipples. If it's frayed at all, it'll need replacing before you get stranded (bad pun, sorry!). If there's no fraying, then use a cable lubrication tool with some WD40 initially to blast out the crap, followed by some Lanox. Use the tube supplied with the WD40 inserted in the can nozzle and insert to the oiler in the side hole.

    You can get these cable oilers with one or two screws as well
    E.g http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Cable-Lu...58?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item2327907332 They're cheap, but work really well!
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  8. When you changed the oil did you use a bike specific oil? Regular automotive oil can contain friction modifiers which can cause trouble with the wet clutches in motorbikes.

    But what your describing seems like just a stiff cable. Just thought I'd mention it just in case.
  9. I did not. But ill be sure to next time.

    I lubed the clutch cable and it feels a lot better now. It was difficult though. I had the tool, but i couldnt get the damn tube into the aerosol nozzle, so instead i just sprayed it on the outside of the tool and waited for it to soak in. So wasteful....