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Is my bike stuffed? Revving and idling problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tmg, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Was out riding with the boys today, and teaching a mate who just got his first bike, how to slow ride in the carpark.

    Everything was great, but one thing I don't really feel to sure about is how my bike behaves sometimes...here's the go:

    The bikes all nice and warm, but when I am just sitting with it idling and give the throttle a bit of a quick blip, the engine revs up quickly, but then after the throttle is let go, the revs drop down below idle, then slowly make there way back up to 1500 or so rpm, wherever the idle speed is.

    I don't know if it's a compressionp problem - which means a shit run-in on my account, or an ECU problem, as mine has all these new mod cons like EFI and Electronic Throttle Positiion Monitoring, instead of the older "fly-by-wire" which I find to be more accurate IMHO.

    Is it just a case of kawasaki having the bike tuned like this? If so, a PC III should sort this out right? If not, well, I am stumped, as my mates R6 doesn't drop below idle then back up after he's given his a small blip like I do...I am really puzzled by this...Anyone else had this problem?

  2. :? mhh...it's not simple....you've a unusual problem , ok but i'll think it's not a big problem...try to take a look at the injection cable , the airbox intake , the various connections.... :eek:
  3. Weird.

    Under warranty? :grin: Go complain, sounds like something they should be fixing for you
  4. It's not. What sort of "compression" problem would cause that?

    There is possibly a mixture control for the idle circuit. The same effect occurs on carb bikes when the idle mixture, especially, is out. It's not a serious issue.

    Probably be fixed at the first service if you mention it. What fuel are you using?


    Trevor G
  5. Well, you DID buy a Kawasaki :LOL:.

    Seriously, though, get back to the dealer and get it fixed, whatever it is; that's what warranty is for.....
  6. Get the dealer to check the O2 sensor as something in the EFI is getting confused.
  7. Thanks for the replies - I learnt a bit from what you all said.

    I managed to dig up a copy of Rapid magazine which had a test on the 4 '07 supersports bikes, and the guys who test rode them, which included whayne gardner, said it was a ver yforgiving bike to ride and there wasn't really much bottom end in terms of performance...so I think it's safe to say kawasaki tuned it like that. I'm not bitchy about it, it's a great bike to ride, but I jsut don't like how it drops down after giving it a blip while it's idling.

    I'll talk to kawasaki today after work, I need to get a rearstand for it anyway today. Thanks again people :)

    Oh yeah, Trevor. The only fuel I'll use is 98RON.