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is my bike square? or is it my tyres

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by xryda, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. hi guys i am new to riding (roughly 30-40 hours combined) so it could possibly be me, but i find my bike tips into right handers fast with no control of how far yet the left seems more comfortable. i know people normally have a prefered side but this dosent seem like thats the problem.

    i bought a 96 across that had obviously been dropped. bent right handlebar(i replaced from wreckers) scratches on the both sides of fairings (deeper on right side) .headlight dosent seem to sit square in the hole in fairing and chipped paint on stator cover with no scratches. the front tyre seems to be worn more on the right side however the rear tyre seems even (a mate of mine questioned the front tyre). when looking from behind the bike shows no obvious signs to me of being out of shape.

    any help would be appreciated

  2. hmm, I just changed my front tyre cause it was worn/shaved on the sides and I had a 'square' centre!! tipped almost fell over!! replaced tyre all good, in your case, this COULD help, but if your bikes been trashed, ensure that it isnt out of alignment etc. hope this helps, there will be others with comments so stand by, and welcome to riding, if in melbourne, get to Elwood sat morn prac session, you will learn heaps
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  3. try a new front tyre first , sounds like your problem
  4. If its a recently purchased bike, it would not hurt to get new tires. If the bike has not been ridden a lot, the tires could be "off". Tires go hard over time so if there getting old, you could have compromised grip.

    As for alignment, run a piece of string from the back tire, around the front than back to the back tire. Move the handle bars until the front wheel is parallel to the string then see how the rear tire lines up. If the back tire is not parrallel with the string, you may be able to "align" it if you have some sort of chain tightening mechanism. Just make sure you dont stuff up your chain "play". If the strings are then parrallel to the string, but "shifted" in one direction, you probably have a bent frame.

    Hope this makes sense?
  5. It could be the tyre. On the other hand, the tyre could be the result of misalignment elsewhere.

    On the occasions I've experienced the symptoms you describe it's been down to either the rear wheel being skewed in the swing arm due to improper twiddling of the chain adjusters or to the swing arm spindle being loose, allowing the whole arm and wheel to flop sideways.

    If it's not one of those, chances are that something's bent.
  6. thanks guys ill give the string test a go on the weekend and go from there. the tyres do look a little old so hopefully thats the problem. ill keep you posted
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    The tyres will usually have a manufacture date on them. Look for four digits, corresponding to MMYY
  8. Try inflating the tyres 2-3psi more than you normally would and see if the problem continues.
    and for those who can't spell it's tYres
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  9. oh smee even when i am tYred you still entertain.
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  10. just took her for a short ride after raising the tyre pressures and that did make a massive difference but i do think something is bent as the string test showed the tire i mean tyre is out by a bit. pulling her apart today to see if there if theres something i can do
  11. You mentioned that it had been dropped before, indicated by a bent handlebar.
    I would also check that the forks are aligned as well, if they're out because of a drop, you will get strange handling.
  12. Fork alignment can easily be affected by even a low speed off. Handle bar end rubbing on the road against the wheel which is sliding along the road can easily twist the forks in the triple clamps. Any time a handlebar is bent, this is suspect and should surely be checked. Often it is easy to pick visually as the fork tubes are not parallel viewed from certain angles.

    Cure? Loosen the bolts holding the fork tubes, twist against the captive front wheel to straighten. verify with string line. Retighten to spec.