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Is my bike roadworthy for most (MOVED FROM NSW RIDE ANNOUNCEMENTS)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by deemo, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I'm ready to book myself in for the provisional test and so I'm a bit concerned if my bike is deemed roadworthy or not, would want to show up just to be turned around and loose my booking $.

    Got a slip on atm but will get stock one one so that's no drama, I'm worried about the mini led flash mounted blinkers. They're ok, flash rate is fine but I read somewhere that they r not fully legit, don't even know why they wouldn't be... I'm after some advice, thanks. I'll put a photo up if I find one around

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  3. Your going for a license test aren't you not a vehicle check? If they pick on your bike for some reason use one of theirs. If you are that worried get onto the motor vehicle dept in your state and ask them what is and isn't legal.
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    Here's a photo of same blinkers on some bike, link
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    Those blinkers should be fine.

    How loud is the exhaust?
  6. Make sure you have your chain guard on.....simple thing that they will fail the bike on if you don't (this was the case at the place I did mine)
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    chain guard is on no prob, exhaust is loud, no buffer but i do have a stock one as well so thats allright, swapped in 10 min. I hope they dont pick on my blinkers, they look fine to me as well, good viability good flash rate. I might go around one w/kend and have a chat to one of the instructors see if it can be cleared up. I hope im not going to have to rent one of them its pricey as it is.
    Ahhh joys of owning a second hand bike
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    Make sure all of your lights work properly, the tyres have plenty of tread and the levers are unbroken.

    Sounds like it will be a good idea to use the stock exhaust.
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  9. Those blinkers are fine and I'll bet your can is too - have seen some cruisers with open pipes pass scrutineering with no problem... (Although it couldn't hurt to insert your baffles if you have any, for the sake of your own ability to hear the instructor...)

    Now, off you go and practise your u-turn, there's a good lad...
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    Very good point thanks for mentioning, I didn't even think they are broken till you mentioned and what do you know they are, I'll have to fix that up too.