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Is my bike gonna die?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by wang chung, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. So ill be riding along, then ill need to slow down so i just drop the throttle and my bike will make "clicky" noises.

    Its getting more and more "Clicky"

    If i pull the clutch in it goes away.

    It only does it when revving down.


    oh im broke.
  2. Taking a wild pot shot here, but could be your chain, could have tight spots in them.
  3. Lube and check the adjustment of your chain mate :)

  4. Good idea captain !

    I'll get onto that,

  5. hmmmmmmm i didnt know the chain stopped when u pull the clutch ...... maybe iam a lil outa date with current tech:
  6. Chain doesn't stop mate. When you have power going through it though it is under tension, and when you back off the throttle it's being taken along for the ride, which is when you hear the clickety clack.

    Mat, if you pop the bike into neutral and push it down the driveway, you should hear it.

  7. if i was fishing ..... that was an awsome catch
  8. Even if you were fishing, it was still a good opportunity to explain why it's only making noise when freewheeling.

  9. but
  10. he said the noise stops when he freewheels ....
  11. don't leave it outside! that is how the clickers get in.

    You need to get a clicker exterminator out now.

    Seroiusly though, it's kind hard to diagnose from your description, but I'm guessing cam chain or cam chain adjuster. Probably the later. The standard auto-adjuster usually shits itself and needs to be replaced. manual replacements are the norm.
  12. hey mat

    is the sound clicking nearly high pitched sound as my gpx was making a similar sound when of the gas and also when clutch goes in stopped..... never found out what it was but it stopped .... i remember it was cold while i was riding so it would of been in winter but i did adjust the chain after that also .... just give the bike a once over making sure all nuts and bolts are tight ......

    in saying that try putting your hand on the clutch next time it happens but dont pull it in my clutch as my lever vibrates sometimes in acceleration above 8K rpm could be this

    anyways hope this helps buddy