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Is my bike an import?!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by OldNotBold, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Another question I've been meaning to ask...

    I have an imported Hilux, and it has decals and stuff all in weird squiggly "writing" (I think it's called "Japanese"!! Ha ha :grin:) all over the place...

    My VTR250 (April 2007 model) has similar stuff on the chain guard, with pictures that seem to confirm it is talking about chain tension... There are numbers, but all the writing is in Japanese characters.


    1) Does this mean it is an imported bike, and what are the consequences? (I do know it was sold new, to the only previous owner, here in Australia...)

    2) What is the correct chain tension for this bike? My interpretation skills lead me to believe, that 35-50mm deflection/play is being called for, but I'd like to confirm this...

    3) While I'm asking questions, I did some searching through this site before/during/after purchase - I found some old posts about tech or repair manuals for the Honda VTR250, but had no luck with any of the links etc. and could not actually get one. If anyone could help with a file (by PM or link or email or carrier pigeon or morse code or.... [-o<) that would AWESOME!!

    Thanks guys and girls :grin:

  2. No it's not.
  3. I don't think you can import vehicles sold here, so I doubt it would be an import.

    Either way, the compliance plate tells all.
  4. they all come off a boat so dont be alarmed
  5. look for your compliance plate (usually at the front right hand side of the frame, possibly near the headstem). If there is an ADR jibber jabber of numbers, it's an Aus model.
  6. Thanks for the replies - short and to the point! :)

    Might have sounded like a dumb question, especially since I know (think?!) it was sold new here in Darwin...

    If Honda made it for sale in Australia, why are the decals in Japanese, I wonder? Maybe they thought it was going to to be sold on the Gold Coast! :rofl:

    Insurance for my car (which I love neeeearly as much as my bike - blasphemy, I know!) was a real pain in the neck. The "import" boogie man was out wherever I went. In a hurry to insure it now (refer to my other thread - Tipping Over"!!)

  7. Ah, any other VTR owners out there that can help me with question 2) and 3) from my OP? (And I got that wrong about the tension, it seems 25-35mm is the range of deflection, with a further mention of 50mm)

    I am supposedly getting an owners manual from the dealer that sold it to me, but four weeks after picking up the bike, they finally rang me to say "your manual is here"... So I went out there to pick it up, and guess what - they can't find it :---) Piss me off. And the guy who ordered it has gone on holidays, so "sorry mate, you'll have to wait 'till he gets back" Oh FFS! It really is true - you want something done, you gotta do it yourself! Ha Ha.
  8. Buy a different model Honda and that have Thai characters on there!

    You should be able to check online (until you get your manual) what your chain deflection should be, but 25-35mm sounds acceptable.
  9. The Australian market is a very, very small pond. No bikes are made for Australia. They are complied for Australia, but the importer will do the absolute minimum modifications to achieve that compliance (understandably).