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Is my bike a guy or a girl??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jen954, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Ok so I'm having trouble figuring out the gender of my bike.

    To most guys, vehicals are typically female. (I'm guessing because of the fondness they have for their machines)

    But I am a girl, so does that mean that my bike should be male?

    At first I thought so, and it does seem to be the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, never goes out without me, takes me where ever I want to go, and never complains, Only disavantage is that when we go out he's always getting checked out by other guys! !

    which made me think "it must be a female!"

    calling it a him never seemed right, so if its a girl it makes her more like my best friend, but I've never felt like this about a friend. (come to think about it I'm not sure I've ever felt like this about a guy either?)

    So it seems like its a girl . . . . . . . . . I think ? ? ? ? Or is that just weird ? ?

  2. It's a middle-aged gay man, with a small pot-belly and an untrimmed goatee.
  3. It's a bike.
    It is gender neutral.
    It's not even a living thing.
    Perspective is a biatch.
  4. It's a fat cross-dresser called Neville.
  5. So that begs the question...is the man bike a man, girl or GLBT?
  6. WTF is a GLBT? :shock:
  7. I haven't thought of the gender of ze bike, but i know my car is a chick. Its a Toyota Sera. Coincidentaly a friend of mine is called Sarah. Her boyfriend gets really angry when i say "I like to get inside Sera and ride her very hard all night long" :grin:.
  8. just cuase its not a living organisum doesnt mean its not ALIVE!!
  9. Jen, ask youself "Do I ride men or women"
    That should give you your answer ;) :p
  10. oh I should have seen that one coming!!

    well I sure aint riding a cross-dresser or a middle aged gay man!!
  11. Correct, but it still doesn't have a gender it is only ALIVE when you make it so.
    So whatever Gender you may want to impart on the machine is up to you.
    Do you consider it to be a male or female in your head?
    The bike doesn't really care what you call it.
  12. Google is your friend. Or are you in plausible denial?
  13. I bet you don't believe in the tooth fairy (Deyago, that might be a clue for you), Santa Claus or pixies either?

    BMW's....I bet they get called 'Sir' or 'Mistress' ala Max Mosely :p
  14. Smee, stop being a spoilsport :p

    I think vehicles are always female. Regardless of who owns them.
  15. so i cant have a girl bike, without having to question my sexuality?
  16. oh thank god I'm not a lesbian!
  17. I call my bmw the tractor, gender neutral and no emotional attachment.
    It's a machine.
    My last bike was called the spud.
    always "the" this and "the" that.
    Never he or she.
    My car is called the berlina wife's car the corrolla
    We never say he or she or his or hers
    We say it's that etc.
    The ultimate in decadence is when we start gendering inanimate objects.
    Can you imagine a starving kid in africa gendering a piece of earthenware??
  18. I'm with ya Smee.

    It's a tool for hoonage, no more, no less.

    Actually, being a tool, I guess that makes it a bloke.
  19. :LOL: :LOL:

    ok its now known as "the Tool"
  20. LOL
    I like "the tool"