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N/A | National Is moving motorcycles in Parking bays ILLEGAL

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vk3019, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Hello Guys,

    I was wondering whether it is illegal to move a bike in motorcycle only parking bay to accommodate another bike?
    You must have been in a situation where a jerk has parked incorrectly and wasted a lot of space. Can I legally move the bike around to accommodate another bike, without blocking or damaging other bikes?

    Any input here is welcome.
    A link from transport on this topic is GOLD.
  2. Not sure on the legality but I would never move another mans vehicle to fit mine in no matter how badly they have parked. Would you drop the handbrake on a convertible and push it out of the way? Chances are they are a noob or just someone without any common courtesy but either way I don't think it gives you the right to touch it.

    Its frustrating but leaving a note telling them they have parked like a tool (or I think there is also a website with a similar name) is probably a better way to go and is more likely to ensure they won't do it in future. If its someone that doesn't care if you move their bike or not they are likely to park like that each time and leave it for you to do their dirty work.
  3. I'm not sure of the legalities, but don't do it. Parking badly is rude and inconsiderate, but moving another persons property without their permission is far worse. Leave a note or take a picture and post it here if you want to do something. Anyway, by the time you've put your bike on its stand, moved their bike and parked your's you could just have easily found another spot.
  4. "You do not fuck with another man's vehicle. You just don't do it."
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  5. Take a dump on his seat with a note saying "next time park straight".
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  6. I thought that was just his wife. But if it's meant to be vehicle then it makes heaps more sense to me. :)
  7. Is it illegal to get in someones car and move it?

    If I came out and found you moving my bike, carefully or otherwise, you would have a lot of explaining to do and you best be doing it quickly.
  8. What about if they have parked you in ?

    Does that change anything legally ?
  9. Badly parked? I'd leave a note, and have on one or two occasions.

    Parked in? In the underground car park at work, if I get in later I park behind the bikes already there and leave it in neutral. If I'm in earlier, others do likewise to my bike. If people need to get out, they just shift the bikes in the way. Seems to be the done thing - haven't had any issues.
  10. But you know these people, yes?
  11. I was thinking the same thing...this should be interesting.
  12. Is that SA's version of some national road law or a specifically SA law?

    Crown Casino have car jack trolleys that allow them to move cars around as they need... that would be illegal in SA. Wonder if it's legal in Vic?
  13. What is the legislation meant to actually cover? 2 years jail for shifting someones bike seems a tad rough to me.

    If I stole a vehicle (as say a valet parking driver), took it for a drive than returned it to the parking station is this the law I would be charged with?
  14. Illegal in Victoria without just cause or excuse,

    Road Safety Act 1986
    70 Tampering or interfering with motor vehicle without just cause or excuse
    (1) A person who, without just cause or excuse, tampers or interferes with a motor vehicle owned by any other person is guilty of an offence.

    Penalty: 2 penalty units or imprisonment for 14 days.

    You would be hard pressed proving you had "just cause or excuse" in this circumstance.
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  15. Don't care much about the legality but I'd expect to get planked for it so wouldn't do it so that I could park.

    If you park me in, though, I'll probably take the risk. Parking me in means actually making it impossible for a reasonably competent and physically capable person to get my bike out. I don't get precious 'cos someone's parked 10mm closer than I'm happy with.
  16. You're in N.S.W. aren't you? That seems to be where most of the parking problems are.

    To answer your question without going into the legalities, if you move someone's bike to accommodate yours they'll know if they return before you do. Some (most, all) riders don't appreciate their bikes being moved or touched while they're away from it. So you stand the risk of them 'moving' your bike for you while you're away. Is that a risk you want to take?
  17. Find out who their mum is, fuck her and take pics. Then leave pics on seat with note saying next time park straight.
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  18. hahhahahaha