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VIC Is moving in your lane is legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by fiendly, May 20, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, tried searching but I'm not sure what I'm looking for exactly.

    Anyway I'm talking about the movement of the bike going from the left to right track in your lane. The little 'S' thing we do I guess, what's the name of it? I don't know. Well my question is, is it legal? A police officer commented on it to me this morning saying I'm not allowed to do it, I said "Yes I am". I couldn't really get much in because I had my gear on (stopped at traffic lights) and he said "Ok" and put up his window and drove off.

    Can someone point me in the right direction, thanks!

  2. http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/vic/consol_reg/rsrr2009208/s129.html
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  3. Thanks so much for that, I thought I was right but needed some clarification.
  4. The copper commented because you were moving around within a single lane in the normal way a rider does in order to position for view or for safety..... or the copper commented because you were moving side-to-side like a Hawaiian girl's hips in a grass skirt?
  5. I move around in my lane all the time! gotta protect my space, and make sure I'm not in blind spots.

    Never heard of a cop commenting on that... and good to see its legal in the rule books too.
  6. that rule seems to have nothing to do with moving about in your lane. I assume we are talking about multi lane roads. That rule is about a single lane road as far as I can tell.
  7. I've heard riders on here saying they were accused of dangerous or reckless riding for doing this, I think. Couldn't quote that though
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    Motorcyclists are allowed to use the full width of their lane [I know you're in VIC, but the NSW RTA Motorcycle Riders' Handbook on page 39 states: 'A motorcycle rider can legally use any part of their lane.']. The copper must have seen your L plate [I'm assuming you're a learner rider] and decided to test your knowledge.
    You mean this.
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  9. The Vicroads Motorcycle Learner's book, which is the state governments method of disseminating the road laws as applied to motorcyclists, goes on at length about where to travel within a lane. Lines of sight for blind spots &c... Doesn't mention anywhere about maintaining a steady track. On the other hand it doesn't suggest weaving for marking your territory. Maybe you were weaving a bit to quick for a cop on a quiet day.

    Gotta maintain your safety bubble.
  10. Didn't @Kernel get booked or yelled at for doing this on Hoddle St?
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  11. What a joke. Moving in your lane is the great equalizer of motorcycle safety that if done well can bring your odds of survival close to that of driving a car.

    For a cop to tell a learner off for it is like telling someone off for wearing a seat belt.
  12. To be fair, seat belts are for nerds
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  13. So is buffering. If you want to make your self more visible do a wheelie.
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  14. It's like when if you get attacked by a bear, you make yourself appear as big as possible. We need to scare the cars away.
  15. I'm glad it's legal as this so far has not failed me to get tailgaters to back off!
  16. Anyone without 2 large eyes painted on the bottom of their bike should have their bike defected.
  17. Don't be so sure. Potentially you could get done for not having proper control.
  18. Hahahaha
    No, I got yelled at for doing it on Stud road and if they caught me again they were going to write me "heaps of tickets".
    I got warned by someone else on Netrider not to do it on the Hoddle Street Bus Lane Trial. I think that was rather unfair, surely I come across as having at least enough common sense not to do that.
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  19. Of coarse I was being safe about it! The last time I did something stupid near a police officer I got off with a warning. It was about 5:10am and I was just weaving once, wasn't being too quick. I think it's because I had the L plate on there.. Also forgot about the learner book! (Remember most just not the tiny thing like this).
  20. Chill man. I think you were doing the right thing, It's something I try to remember to do. I think it's to be actively promoted and if anyone ever gets booked for a safety action, then I'm hoping Netrider will be able to rally resources to fight/defend the cause. Dare I suggest I would hope we could even whip around to fund it. - Says the tight-a**se who hasn't coughed up funds to be a premium member yet.