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Is Motorcycling Australia worth joining?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by WGM, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Howdy Riders

    My sister gave me a subscription to Australian Road Rider for my birthday (what a gal!) and there is an advert of Motorcycling Australia in it.

    I checked out their website www.ma.org.au for more details.

    Now I am not a sports bike enthusiast, nor do I think I will be racing at any point in time. Don't get more wrong, I am all for more bikes on the road and I get some people like them and that is great. But I am a lazy arsed tourer with a big fairing, windscreen, radio and all that stuff.

    I was thinking of joining MA purely because for the $35 membership you get accident/conkout recovery service. Patricularly because I am riding from Melbourne to Canberra and back on the long weekend. You do get other discounts with MA but NetRider gives me all the discounts I can handle (niiiiiice suck job there :grin: )

    I searched the forum but couldn't find anything.

    Just wondering what experience people have had with them. Are they a supportive and active organisation? Are they focussed too much on one state or mode of motorcycling?

    Happy to hear from other peoples experience.


  2. I read that advert also ... may be a good thing, plus discounts on other stuff like accomodation etc
    However : conkout recovery service
    Don't think You'll need it mate, you ride a "Honda" :wink:
  3. I will make some assumptions, based on your question and comments.

    It's a 'political' organisation, and I doubt you'd fit in - as someone 'political' would have smelled this out right away. Having said that, we certainly need them and I'm sure they do good stuff for us all. I simply don't think that sort of involvement would suit everyone.
  4. MA are the licencing body for motorcycle racing/sport. Like CAMS to car racing. To race a bike, you need an MA licence.

    Not sure of the social side of the organisation - I don't know anyone who's not a racer that's joined.
  5. Right you are, I was thinking about the MRA. Either way, such organisations are political by nature, so my comments still apply.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Yeah I figured it was something like that. It still looks like a good way to get rider assist while supporting the industry.

    I can't imagine I would look to them for social interaction

    I suppose I was more looking to see if anyone had any substantial reason why NOT to join.

    Their road assist looks far better, cheaper and more motorcycle focussed than Honda's or RACV's.


  7. I'm a member and the only thing I really get from this membership is discounts with a no. of stuff...not that I've ever taken advantage of any of them.

    The only reason I joined was cos I wanted to win the Bonneville. Expensive raffle ticket but I was feeling lucky at the time. pfft... :LOL:
  8. I joined a while ago after I met Dan Rotman on a ride. Got my joining fee back in discounts when I bought a tiger angel jacket.
    Went on a ride with them up to Lake mountain that was OK if a little slow as it was big group. Got a nice BBQ lunch.
    they might actually have the political clout to do something for us.