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Is Melbourne Motorbike Heaven???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by daewoo, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. In Melbourne for the day again,

    Melbourne = rain, long cold winters, trams and tram tracks, over-offcious policing.


    There are bikes everywhere... Just walked down Collins St a bit for lunch, and there are bikes to look at the whole way... I don't care if it is a Vstrom that has a bit of gravel rash, a well used GS1100, a KTM Supermotard, a new retro scooter, a bashed up NSR650 (one of my favourite bikes), like Peeping Tom said, I like to watch...

    We just don't get that in Sydney, probably because there isn't much on street parking, you can't park on the fottpath, and the meter parking if you can find it is the same high price for a car... so everything is hidden away in carparks...

    I love it, (but you wouldn't want to live there :grin: )

  2. I reckon it must be the free parking on the foot path. Imagine having that in a car? Park almost anywhere you want, usually right out the front of where you work, and it costs nothing! In the CBD!
  3. So it should be with the amount of rego and taxes we pay on the bloody things here! :wink:
  4. Melbourne was also built later than Sydney, so they had a bit of time to apply some forethought to the urban development. As a result, all our roads and footpaths are much wider than those in Sydney, which makes it possible for us to park on footpaths, and have nice wide lanes for splitting.

    As for the rain... Frankly we could do with a shitload more of that, it's been dry as a dead dingo's donger for years down here. I need to fir up me barby more often, it rained every time we did that on satdy!
  5. when i went to motogp last year i spent a few days in melbourne i noticed the same thing, bikes everywhere i wasnt sure if it was because of the time of year but it was awesome.
  6. Yep I work in Collins St and a nice walk and you can see just about every type of bike there is :cool:
  7. Cant compare anything in Australia with Sydney,

    The Traffic hell hole, but Heaven for bikes/lane splitters

    If I lived in melbourne Id get a slow car, not much traffic and I found plenty of car parking and cant go fast there anyway.
  8. Bwahahahahaha.

    Did you visit at 3am on a Tuesday morning, or just not come within 30km of the city? ;)

    Now I know it's all relative, and compared to Sydney the traffic is heavier, but not much traffic and heaps of parking for cars? I'm sure most Melbournians would disagree. Myself especially after having to cage it across the city this morning (damn having to drop rellies off at the airport!)

    For not much traffic and loads of parking, at least in a city environment (rather than totally rural), I think of Canberra.

    Butz. :beer:
  9. Sydney sucks. Thats why.

  10. I was in the City an hour or so ago - are you sure you were in Melbourne? Beautiful sunny day today and 24 degrees. Typical February weather

    Anyway, Sydney has an average of 12 rainy days in february, melbourne has 7.

    http://www.australiatravelsearch.com.au/trc/climate.html :roll:

    Total rego and TAC in Victoria is less than total rego and CTP in NSW. :p

    average is about $100-$150 more than the same bike in same area in Victoria. Can be even more.
  11. You're kidding right?
  12. Heaven

    Aussie motorbike heaven would be:
    Tassie roads and no traffic, Perth climate, Melb parking, NT speed limits
    Ah bliss.
  13. nah, its like India up here in old Sydney town these days. It felt quite easy going in melbourne almost like canberra type of traffic
  14. The CBD is great but the inner suburbs (Carlton, Fitzroy, Richmond, etc) were privately developed without real government control so narrower streets and smaller blocks then the government took planning control and the outer suburbs are a little bit better designed.

    Still better than Sydney which just doesn't seem to have been planned and just happened.
  15. i hate city's especially sydney, love it up here in port macquarie ,nice weather, awesome roads! and not half as busy as any city :grin:
  16. The city might suck, but Victoria looks awesome. I've watched with envy, videos on youtube of the black and reefton spurs...and of course, PI. Nothing that good in WA. It hardly ever rains, and it's always warm for good grip, but no great roads around Perth.
  17. That is fine if you go to work at lunchtime (now there's a thought) but at 8:30 this morning when I left Sydney it was 19 degrees in Sydney and 12 in Melbourne... that means cold when most people are ridding to work...

    but seriously, I just thought it was cool to be able to walk along the street and see such a wide variety of bikes... I am sure everyone can think of riding heaven, and it will be different for everyone... but motorbike heaven is being able to perv on all the bike p0rn at any time...

  18. Bullshit Tom.

    I just spent most of January in Syd.

    I saw a handful of bikes, even less sportsbikes, but in comparison,
    I saw a shitload of mopeds.

    Heaven for lane splitters? pfft

    The roads are barely wide enough for a car, let alone wide
    enough for lane splitting :shock:

    As for not being able to go fast, thats more applicable in your
    neck of the woods with cameras on every road, in addition to
    low speeds on your motorways. Why you'd have 80km/h freeways
    is beyond me. Furthermore, you gotta bloody stop &/or slow down
    every few km's for those f*cken toll ways :mad:

    Syd shits all over Melb in terms of beauty, however when it comes
    to the bike heaven, you Sydneysiders have a looong way to go
    before you can start comparing yourself to what Mexicans have.
  19. I call bullshit on Melbourne being a motorbike riders heaven.

    It'd be a shitload better if there weren't Melbourne drivers everywhere, running into each other, not indicating, nto headchecking, rear ending each other, going sideways through intersections, knocking over pedestrians and generally being the rudest, most arrogant and inconsiderate drivers in Australia.

    Aside from that, Melbourne riding is okay.

    Also, I didn't know the inner city was privately developed. Makes sense. It's beautiful, but there's something claustrophobic about the inner city down here compared to Annandale, St Peters etc in Sydney.
  20. QuarterWit

    At the end of the day, when you look & weight up the pro's & cons,
    (not that yours was valid), Melbourne takes honours..

    & you'll find the majority agreeing with this conclusion.

    Refer to your own for confirmation