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Is magnum oxygen sensor mod affecting fuel consumption?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kchl, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I bought a use 2012 Honda NC700SA and I love the bike. It is known for its low fuel consumption but I am only getting around 170km to a full tank.

    I noticed that it has a magnum oxygen sensor. I am assuming it's some bogus mod that the previous owner put it hoping for better performance. Here it is: http://www.magnumtuning.com/en/detail/motorcycle-oxygen-sensor-performance-chip/honda/nc700x

    Will this make the bike run "richer" with no real improvement in performance? Should I remove it? If so, do I just buy a new oxygen sensor like this one -

    Thanks all.
  2. The O2 sensor is there so the engine management can make the judgment on the efficiency of the burn in the cylinders and adjust the fuel/air mixture accordingly. Often this is done to pass various countries emission requirements.

    I agree the economy you are getting is very poor as the bike was designed as an economical commuter and should be getting 4-5 l/100km or so. This should give you over a 300km range with its standard 14l tank.

    From a quick read of your link the Magnumtuning 02 sensor deliberately distorts the feedback to the ECU to get power gains and it will be at the cost of emissions and probably economy. It is also possible the 02 sensor is faulty and the ECU is running in Open Loop Mode so the engine will be running rich.

    What colour are the exhaust outlets. Dark Black or lighter grey? This will tell you if it is running rich.

  3. Thanks cjvfr. It does look black. In this case, is changing an 02 sensor a complex one? I am capable of doing an oil change and changing lights and what not.
  4. Not very difficult. I would get one rated for the bike though so it is just a plug and play change.