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Is Lorenzo the biggest wally in the paddock, or what?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Early in the season the dope jumps into a lake with his leathers on and nearly drowns himself, tonight he rides off with a flag chewing up in his rear sprocket and nearly tips himself off and then he rides into Parc Ferme and into the winner's spot instead of into the third place spot........

  2. he didnt really ride into #1 did he.

    I would prefer it if he didnt have the championship in the bag
  3. I personally find it quite refreshing. Quite a change from the effiminate little displays we are accustomed to from the Rossi "camp"

    He refuses to be intimidated, has kept a level head and seems impervious to Rossi's mind games.

    Roll on next season. She's gunna be a cracker.
  4. Hes doing what Happy Gilmore did for golf
  5. Anyone else notice him snub ben spies when he pulled up next to him to shake his hand after the race? Then he runs off the podium to steal the limelight from rossi during the ceremony. Respect for Lorenzo gone.
  6. Hes a good rider i think hes funny but hes a big knob
  7. We can all say we can imagine what it must feel like to win a motogp championship, but can we really understand what it must be like? Most of us have probably made some stupid mistake when the adrenalin was flowing and we felt like the coolest/best/whatever. Last week after he battled Lorenzo, I noticed Rossi landed a wheelie a little crossed up, then it looked like he almost dropped it getting back into pit lane. I figured winning that battle had a little to do with that.
  8. That's true but it wasn't a highly emotional case of pulling a victory on the last corner of the last lap of the last race of the season - he'd already done the hard work and the championship was pretty much in the bag (and deserved) for him after a great season.

    The Spies thing I can imagine can be excused and no doubt he'll probably sort that out in private but walking off the podium was just bad manners. Hopefully the other riders exclude him next champagne spraying and leave him standing alone like a ********.
  9. Sweetie please nothing wrong with being in Rossi's Camp or indeed "Camp" for that matter......

    ......as for the newly crowned Queen, he's fresh faced with boyish good looks and from all accounts rather urbane, as well as been prone to outbursts and hissy fits..........
  10. Yep an absolute wally - all credit to him for his efforts on the track but nothing else about him is very interesting (well there may be but I don't really want to know anyway). I doubt he'll be selling many copies of his autobiography.
  11. Seems like a total twat.

    Yes, they've all got a bit of ego going on but at least Rossi seems to genuinely enjoy racing hard with the other guys, always seems happy to have a chat and always seems to be there with a slap on the back and a congrats to whoever deserves one.

    Jorge seems to see everyone else in the paddock as an inconvenience rather than a colleague.

  12. I saw that too. But he shakes hands with the following riders, including Rossi. I thought after what happened in Japan, those two will not cope.
  13. It's this shit that makes me think he's a nobhead:

  14. funny how Rossi and even Dovi got more cheers from the crowd then he did. But had a good chuckle about the flag!
  15. I was watching and did think it was possible the Spies thing wasn't intentional: he was too busy futzing about with his 'Game Over' sign and the Marios. Still dopy, but a bit different from a direct snub.
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    I missed this so I did a search and found a video.



    Would someone do that intentionally to a soon-to-be team mate? Well who knows, Yamaha has already said the wall will stay in place...
  17. Spies didnt seem too thrilled.
  18. ha wow, after watching that vid, what a wanker.

    and what did he do to that flag?
  19. 1: The Spies snub was unintentional IMO.
    2: Flag was not his fault, all World champs have been doing it for years on the victory laps.
    3: He shook Rossi's hand on the podium. (a bit of tension there)
    4: Good to see he's can have a bit of fun.
    5: Yes he is very focussed before a race and can come across stand offish. (Have a look @ Pedrosa though, he a moody cvnt)
    6: He's the best rider in the World.
  20. 6) Yes just like Nicky Hayden