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is it worth reporting

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by sbb, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. hi

    closest call. still shaking,

    had van tailgate, so i slowed a bit, then they squeezed up the right of me half in my lane and deliberately swerved to hit me from the side (i had just passed a bus bus that was on my left) so kicked at the van to fend them off try and keep some chance of room. they then swerved harder and pushed me into bus lane .. dunno where the bus was but luckily it wasn't there.

    got rego number,called cops, they were going to search for the car.

    has anyone got experience with reporting something like this fully at a police station. Is it worth it.

    sbb, still shaking
  2. Mate,
    Sounds like you were very lucky ! Glad to hear you're ok, apart from the nerves.
    You're a legend in my books for getting all their details during those stressful moments.
    I hope the police track him/them down and mighty karma plays its part.

    If it were me, I'd personally do a search on the vans 'garaged' address and pay them a personal visit !!!
  3. lately i've started filming my rides to work after a few near misses lately. So now i have video evidence of their stupidity and can get their details without trying to remember the details etc whilst trying to avoid getting wiped out by someone elses lack of judgement or driving technicque.
  4. Thats fu*ked mate glad you're ok. What road did this happen on?
  5. Make friends with an RTA employee.

    When the RTA looks up rego details, their system tells you the address of the registered vehicle owner.

    While the RTA is as a matter of policy supposed to delete those details before ever printing them, some employees have a habit of forgetting to do so...
  6. Hi,

    was in sydney ... happened on parramatta road, going towards the city, just near the footbridge theatre.

    Just after the panic i managed to just focus on the rear numberplate and memorise it, before rolling off down a side street straight away and typed it into my phone, then called the police (now have the police assistance line saved in my phone for such situations).

    Also the police were nice and helpful this time. I know not much could be done, but at least they were nice about it.

    shaking still :)

  7. Gopro time as evidence :)
    Fukn record everything I say
  8. Sounds like you did well remembering the details, that's really hard to do in the heat of the moment. Hopefully the cops can do something, and reporting it was definitely the right thing to do. I'd suggest going to the police station in person to make a statement just to make sure it is on record properly.
  9. struth, well worth reporting i'd say.

    I'd be poo'ing my pants big time.
  10. I think that's what everyone is eventually going to have to do because I doubt the police will do anything from a report but if you have video footage then they can't simply dismiss it.

    OP, you did well not to get wiped out.
  11. Definitely report it. Even if they don't do something about it, it will be on record in case does something about you kicking his van.

    Go to the cop shop near where it happened.
  12. reported
  13. Any responce from the cops?
  14. If you know what time it was, there's a chnace the bus driver saw it unfold?

    Might be worth a few calls to find out the company that runs that route, then call the head office to leave your details for the driver to call you if he saw it and is feeling helpful.
  15. Good job reporting it, but don't rely on hearing any more about it.

    I had something similar a couple of weeks ago. 000 operator was very helpful, then advised me to go to local station in Fitzroy. They couldn't have been less interested. Sometimes you get good follow-up though.

    After a good few of these kinds of events, I've come to the conclusion that it's better to just get the hell out of there than worry about making my point with a boot to the door. They nearly always do it with a carful of mates onboard and the next red light could get ugly.
  16. You'll get used to it eventually after a few more incidents. The shaking happens to pretty much everybody the first time.

    Next time, if you kick the blokes truck, run. Don't sit alongside him, he'll get ya.

    Break a few little rules, hit warp speed and then settle down up ahead after you're out of his field of vision.
  17. What were you going to achieve by kicking side of the truck.

    You had what you considered to be a close call, and THAT, was how you protected yourself!
    Sounds to me Ike all you had to do was move into the bus lane for short distance, and then just drop in behind, where you could then keep aneye them. Why didn't you just ride the bike, to protect yourself instead if increasing your personal danger?

    If you've chosen to kick at cars etc instead of taking the opportunity, to employ your defensive riding skills. Then it's a poor choice.

    Don't worry, as I do have empathy for what happened to you, but kicking at cars/trucks, etc is bad form.

    I've previously warned others on allowing their indignation to dictate their actions.
    Bikers do't have the luxury of expressing their indignation. We are out-sized by cars/trucks and completely unprotected, should they wish to knock you off.
  18. Absolutely worth reporting, I wonder how fast he changes his tune when they charge him with attempted murder?
  19. +1 to this.

    I have just gotten a Go Pro, great camera that, will be recording all my rides from now on.

    Glad to hear you are ok!
  20. The sad thing is the cops would never think of charging someone with this (or similar), for this type of incident.

    Even if they witnessed it he would be lucky to get a ticket for dangerous driving.