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Is it worth it taking a 250 on a track?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by GreenNinja, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Anyone here ever taken a 250cc to a track?

    Whats ur opion? boring not fast enough?


    I learnt alot form it and it was really fun?
  2. Yes its worth it. I know the Broadford track near me is more suited to smaller capacity bikes and I've heard people ride 250s on it. I would be worried if you were going to take out a VN250 Kwaka not a ZXR250
  3. 7THSIN used to take his Kawasaki ZXR250 to Mallala (in SA) a fair bit before he upgraded. He has some on-track footage. It actually looked like a heck of a lot of fun.

    Remember, it's not really about the horsepower, it's about the cornering. 7THSIN was passing 600cc bikes on his 250, because far too often people use horsepower as a crutch to compensate for their lack of cornering ability.

    A 250cc bike would be somewhat frustrating around a very fast track like PI though, where you'd be pegged at the redline in top gear pretty much full-time, but I reckon it'd still be a ton'o'fun.
  4. :LOL: they have like 100cc and 125 cc on the tracks i dont see why 250cc's cant ..
    would be abit more power just make sure you know how to ride you dont want to ruin poor bike if thats the only one you have .
  5. ANY track time or road time is worth it, you cant do enough learning EVER
  6. Yes, As said corner speed. I take my rgv to the track, not sure u would consider it a 250. Other friends take 125cc.
    Capacity doesnt mean anything, when u have a 250 passing a ducati around a corner.
    Or u can get a 125gp bike become an pro and ride sub 1.50 at PI.
  7. Its always worth it, your on a track. I was at broadford last weekend and there was a hugh range of different sized bikes from 125 juniors to litre bikes. You are going to be bored if getting off a 1000cc to a 250cc, but like the others have said its all about the corners (any idiot can ride fast in a straight line, but can they drag a knee) On track days they will put you in different classes, (slow, medium and fast) so give it a go(assuming you havn't been on a track yet)
  8. I plan on taking mine round a track sometime, looking forward to it.
  9. The closest tracks where I live is Eastern Creek and Oran park, I gotta take it at least once.
  10. Yeah definitely want to head to Oran Park before it closes.
  11. oran park is closing? :(

    any idea on when? i must do a track day there...!

    do they require full leathers?
  12. Track time is not about top speed, it's about a safe place to refine techniques, learn a lot and try out different things safely.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I did a ride day at PI on a Zeal and had an absolute ball.

    Could keep up through the corners but obviously got blown away on the straights :evil:

    Word of warning though, I did the crank in the Zeal that day, it just didn't like sitting on the red line in every gear :?
  14. Supposedly at the end of this year? That's what I've heard at least.

    I think a full suit is required, but you can hire one for like $50 or so.
  15. dude a 250 is the BEST bike to take to the track, if thats all you've ridden you will take immense pleasure owning some noobs on bigger bikes in the corners

    i ride a CBR1000RR and i still dont mind swapping with my mates on 400s for a laugh, they are so flickable
  16. Oran park closing? That'sd be right! Build housing next to it, complain loudly, shut down track.
    Just like Amaroo park and almost Eastern creek.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Thing is there are rumors of them building Oran Park 2.0 a few KMs away or something o_O.
  18. Actually I don't think there's been any complaints, the owner just got a huge offer for the land and sold up. And as Haggismaen said, the owner's said he wants to build a new track near the old one anyway.
  19. Indeed.

    There's a lot more credibility in beating someone on a 600 with your 250 than beating someone on a 600 with your Blackbird. :)

    As others have said - find a tight course if you can and play the 250's advantage. If I had leathers I'd be willing to give the lil' minimonster a run around the track just for the experience. :)
  20. Mrs Scumbag did her Superbike level 1 on a Bandit 250 and had an absolute hoot. :grin: :grin: