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Is it worth fixing up a 01 CB 250?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Mike24, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Hi there,

    I have a 2001 CB 250 (ex training bike) reasonable working condition. Some smoke coming from exhaust, dents in fuel tank, minor rust, etc. she needs some attention. So I'm thinking a rebuild may be in order.( good learning ground for me also).

    My question is to the experts on this site who may help with their wisdom of experience. I'm thinking of building a more cafe racer style of cb. I only purchased the bike for $900 so I figure spending another $1500 or so might leave me with a half decent bike I may hold onto for a while. I read somewhere I can bore out the pistons to 400 spec. If so Is it worth the spend, will it give any noticeable power increase? Any dramas with rego / insurance if I do this?


  2. Dunno mate.

    You ask a question, totally out of the blue yonder.

    We have no background info to make any reasoned response.

    As a learning experience, yeah, it could work well. Obviously there is less pressure if you f**k up a $900 bike than a $9,000 bike.

    Maybe you live some place where a "sensible" reliable and economical to run commuter bike is useful?

    Maybe you don't.

    Maybe you have a couple of kids nearing the age of wanting to learn to ride a motorbike?

    Maybe you don't.

    Boring the engine out to 400, while I believe it is feasible, is probably going to cost more than it will ever do for you, and, as for the authorities, well it depends on where you are and if you get caught. ;)

    There is actually a reason why you're supposed to post in the new members welcome thingy.
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    Going on my current experience with a similar bike (GN250) bought in a similar condition at a similar price ($850), I'd say hell yeah, go for it. They're both essentially rather ugly entry level bikes in stock form, but looking at the CB I reckon it's much like the GN in that if you change a few inexpensive bits around you can get rid of 90% of the ugliness and end up with a pretty awesome looking little cafe racer/retro bike at a fraction of the price of something like an SR. I'm guessing that the CB is also much like the GN in being mechanically practically indestructible and cheap to get parts for, I'm constantly pleasantly surprised at the price of both aftermarket custom stuff and genuine parts. With the mods I've done to mine so far I'm really happy with how it rides, I've probably spent about $1500 on it at this point and have done most of what I originally had mapped out for it, only thing really left to do its get the tank repainted which is gonna set me back another $250-$300. Bear in mind this is my first bike and I had zero bike experience before so I've probably wasted a couple of hundred on mistakes along the way, but in general I'm really happy with the bike.

    Agree with the above poster though, not too sure on the rebore, I'd be sticking to easy cosmetic stuff first. I am toying with chucking a 300cc top end on mine, but thats pretty much a bolt on kit anyway, anything more involved than that I'm not sure is worth it.
  4. Your bike, your money. If you want to do it, then do it.

    Motorcycling is a personal thing. What you like others may not and what other like you may not.

    It would help though if you popped over to the intro area and told us a bit about yourself.