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Is it worth buying a bike without RWC

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 1kmodem, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Should I really buy a buy with no RWC? what should I be looking at while inspecting the bike? its a CBR250RR btw...91' 2001 compliance 34,000km

  2. I don't know what rego is like for you cos if its 2001 compliance i asume that its already been registered but ran out. Either way, i know with mine, same bike only 2006 compliance straight from japan, cost me around the $600 - $700 mark to get it registered. Look into how much it will cost you to get it registered first and also think about the fact that if it has run out of rego, maybe you'll need to speend money on it to get work done on it before it will even pass rego.

  3. WHoops silly me i meant RWC
  4. Unless you know what you're doing and are experienced in looking for problems with bikes it's a fast track to an expensive and frustrating experience.

    I would assume that if it's worth fixing the bike to get a RWC, the ownwer would be prepared to do so. If they won't provide a certificate, it's more than likely because they know it would cost more than it's worth to get the bike to standard. :)
  5. LOL, well don't i just sound like an idiot now.
  6. I bought my bike without a RWC and wish I hadn't, but I had $300 knocked off the asking price so though I was getting a good deal.

    The $300 went into replacing back tyre and a couple of other things, Then theres all the effort involved in borrowing mates trailers to move your bike from original owners place to ur place to the mechanics and getting expensive permits from Vicroads to ride an unregistered vehicle.

    Not to mention having to ride ur bike to a Vicroads that actual does inspections during business hours when ur on ur learners and have no F^%$king idea what ur doing.

    Sorry rant over.

    My 2c
  7. The mildly reduced sale w/out RWC is not worth the hassle in having to get your own.
    Up to you though. Myself, I've never bought a bike without a RWC.
  8. got my bike with no RWC

    but did check bike over and it was fine

    went down the next day and got the RWC

    no problems
  9. I prefer buying 2nd hand bikes with a RWC. The whole RTA thing after the sale is sometimes just not worth the trouble.
  10. er dude do the blue slip test urself
    check indicators,
    Check brake light on both brakes, check braake light when headlisghts r on
    Check headlight and Distance headlishts do a revs check

    And thats it no thing else is done during a RWC inspection ( NSW btw)

    and dont take it to a bike mechenaic they will find all sorts of things wrong with it. If u take it to a car place that does blue slips it will always pass as long as the above r working