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Is it wombat season?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bluesuede, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Had the day off yesterday and was kid free for a change, so I went for a ride through to Kinglake, up to Yea, then to Seymour, then Avenel - lunch in Avenel, then headed into Longwood and back again - then to Healesville for a coffee before returning home in the late afternoon.

    Apart from the whole "goddamn! what an awesome day of riding I had" experience, I was struck by the unusually high numbers of roadkill - particularly along the Melba Highway. In a relatively short stretch I saw 6 dead wombats, two kangaroos, and something else that was completely unrecognisable.

    I can only assume it is mating season at the moment for the wombats as the numbers were particularly high. I hope the road crews clean up - one of them was dead centre in the road. Does anyone know whether this time of year is particularly noted for greater numbers of wombats on the roads?

    And please - be especially careful everyone when riding at dawn/dusk and early night when the wildlife is out wandering :biker:
  2. If it is Wombat season,Loz would know, ask him

  3. Camping last year. Ktulu - '99 Dual Cab Hilux - chassis tray -> 1.6 tonnes.

    Hit: 1 wombat, 1 bat.
    Bat dead. Wombat, whereabouts unknown... probably down the pub, telling his mates about the the big, white thing he told off for ruining his lawn.

    This year. Ktulu - 1986 Single Cab Hilux - steel tray, V8 -> 2.5 tonnes.

    Hit: 1 wombat.
    Wombat dead.
    Tried to dodge him... very sad.

    Check diffs. Diffs ok. Proceed to campsite for beer.
  4. I went riding thru Emerald/Cockatoo last weekend and saw a couple of dead wombats on the side of the road too. Must be something in the water.... :roll:
  5. Apart from the obvious bike and rider issues, it'd be worth keeping the wildlife help number in your phone, unless you have the balls to put the animal out of its misery if its that far gone.. :( I could never do it though, I like animals too much for their own good (if they are suffering.)

    Useful VIC numbers offering emergency advice/help 24hrs)

    RACV Wildlife Connect
    (RACV will connect you to one of the established 24-hour volunteer wildlife rescue networks in your area. )
    13 11 11

    Healesville Sanctuary's Australian Wildlife Health Centre
    5957 2829

    Help for Wildlife - http://www.helpforwildlife.com/
    0417 380 687

    Wildlife Rescue & Information network - http://www.wrin.asn.au/
    0419 356 433

    Wildlife Victoria - http://www.wildlifevictoria.org.au/rescue.html
    0500 540 000
  6. Well with marsupials the thing to check first on roadkill is the pouch.
  7. Many dead wombats in the Southern Highlands of NSW at the moment, but I wouldn't have said any more than in winter.
  9. Actually, by the number of people posting in ALL CAPS in the forum of late, I think it IS wombat season...... :LOL:
  10. ........
  11. Yeah there was a dead one right in the middle of the Monaro Hwy here last week, was changing lanes at about 80kms and almost hit the fat bastard. Lucky i'd been practicing my counter steering so i swevered and missed it.

    Called up the Rangers when i got to work and they came and got it off the road, although they only moved it to the side and put a big pink cross on its back with a spray can, probally so they can come get it later.
  12. I drove from Buchan to Orbost several years ago and had a 75% success rate at missing the Wombats. Missed the 1st, missed the 2nd, hit the 3rd and missed the 4th one.

    Luckily it was a low speed nudge and in a company wagon.

    Did hit a small one on Wilson Prom once which made a mess of the company wagon about 6 months prior.

    The natural enemy of the Telstra wagon is wildlife & logging trucks :shock:
  13. i asked google for some wildlife help numbers and it came up with a page and that was on it! - from here:
    http://www.awhc.zoo.org.au/Get Involved/Found Injured Wildlife.aspx

    i think its very sad for the wombat who gets run over as well... such disrespect for life painting a big fluro pink cross on its back :(
    i know they are a hazard, but they're not doing it intentionally..
    i'll shut up now..
  14. I agree. They should be out painting big pink fluoro crosses on them when they are alive, not dead- would make them so much easier to see at night :p

    But seriously - what is the point of tagging a dead wombat with a cross? The road crew are incapable of collecting it otherwise? Perhaps if they didn't, we'd be ending up with this situation?