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Is it true you're able to get a motorbike type exemption?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ryd3r, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Say if you're 6ft 1 and over 115kgs and you're on your P1s can you get an exemption to ride a 600cc unrestricted motorbike? If so, how does one go about applying for an exemption?

  2. You'd think so, wouldn't you? But nah I doubt it. The law should be the same for everyone, cause say you got a 170kw per tonne bike and then lost weight real quick.
  3. What state? Maybe in a state with 250cc only, but certainly no where with LAMS as far as I know. Plenty of larger LAMS bikes out there which will handle the larger specimens quite fine, so I can't see there being an exception.
  4. No.
    When a 250 will carry 2 100kg people, getting a fat bastard exemption isnt likely to happen..
    BTW, I'm 6,1 and 120kg.
  5. Absolutely sure about it?
  6. If only it was possible, I'd have much rather go straight to my dream bike (cbr600rr) instead of going LAMS first, however I currently have a restricted 650 which is LAMS approved and they still have plenty of power for someone my weight/size.

    You will only lose out on power at the top end (around 100+km/h) where you will lose some acceleration, but even in saying that I still manage to find $1.80 lying around here and there :p
  7. What bike do you own?
  8. Sick of your cbr250rr already or is it overheating and dumping fluids again?

    An unrestricted 600 or better on your P's ain't going to happen in NSW. There are plenty of bikes on the LAMs list which fit under the 150kW/Tonne and 660cc limits.
  9. Absolutely not going to happen.

    110kg is only 35kg heavier than a 75kg person, the bike isn't going to collapse from the extra weight.

    Plus what foot69 wrote.