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Is it too much to expect good service on your first visit?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Only if you're female

  2. Yes, who the hell do you think you are?

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  3. No, it should be mandatory!

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  4. No, but you don't have to go back!

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  1. There is a motorbike shop near me, very close, quite handy. Been there a few times, (spares department is great!)

    Don't want to name & shame yet, see how it plays out, but they are Kawasaki dealers.


    Never had any service work done there, but the ZZR was ready for a major so my girlfriend books it in for Monday night, pick up Tuesday night.

    Long story short, cam chain & adjusters need replacing too, so I ring to get the details & the mechanic there is quite good to me, offers to change the service from a major to minor (as the valves need to be adjusted when the cam chain is done & radiator flushed etc, only leaving brake fluids which I will do), saving $200 odd, sounds good!

    Bad news, have to wait another week for parts to come in etc, will be ready for pick up next Tuesday. Thats ok, just saved $200. :cool:

    Next Tuesday rolls around, girlfriend rings to arrange pick up, only to be told, "Maybe by the end of the week, parts only came in yesterday. I am not going to put other service on hold for your bike"



    It's strange, they seem quite good & friendly on the phone to me, but absolutely indignant when my girlfriend calls, & unwilling to make the time to do the job.

    At this stage, we have been without the bike for over a week, (including one quiet weekend of sunshine!) & I am really not happy with their level of service. The bike is still currently in pieces, so we can't exactly take it anywhere else.

    Sure, it's only a 250, but EVERYONE starts on a 250 (in vic atm), if I can't expect them to do the right thing by us on a 250, there would be no way I would take a better bike there.

    End rant.

    Well anyway, just wondering what you would do? At this stage, I guess just wait & see how it plays out.

    They still have a chance to make good, so it's not over, but at this stage there is no way we will be going back there. I understand things take time, I am ok with that, but attitude is everything!
  2. I know the place you're talking about.

    Their spares section is excellent, (a good mate of mine runs it) but I do agree that their service dept is very poor. I only had to deal with them once for a very minor thing but found the attitude very blase.

    Accessories is the same. A real 'rather be somewhere else' attitude.
  3. I've never understood this "waiting for parts" thing that seems to plague Melbourne dealers. I've never had to wait any more than a day or two for anything. Of course that's ordering Suzuki parts through a Kawasaki dealer, so either Kwaka parts are harder to get, or the dealer you went to is simply not remembering to actually order the parts.
  4. Place I go to mainly does ducs, aprilia, MV, etc. ie. usually weekend riders, so I can sometimes squeeze in priority as I commute..
  5. Ring them back and ask to speak to Kris. Tell him that you will name and shame them if they don't give your girlfriend the service and my phone number :p

    Race in and see if they can replicate the problem :groan:
  6. Either 1, or 2, but I'm leaning heavily towards 1 due to KHI Aus not having any-bloody-thing in stock. :evil:

    1 x spark plug boot for a ZX6R. Easy you'd think right? I watched the stealership place the order in front of me. KHI don't have any, you'll have to wait 4 weeks for it to come over from Japan. :roll:

    1 x LHS footpeg for a Z750. Ordered at the same time as a few other bits and pieces. Arrived 6 weeks later due to KHI not having any in Australia, yet everything else arrived next day.. :roll:

    Moral of the story: Make sure you order anything you need a month before you need it (so plan ahead before crashing OK?)
  7. She already has it Vic! :cool:
  8. I've heard a couple of stories about RR taking ages to get stuff in... Personally, I've always been looked after exceptionally well by Troy in spares, he knows his game very well and never talks shit. Tell him you're a netrider.
  9. If we were talking about that particular shop, (not saying we are), then yes, Troy has been most helpful.


    But in all seriousness, we didn't even get a phone call to say it would be delayed, imagine if toyota (or ford or holden etc) pulled that crap!?!!?

    At this stage, it looks like we will be without the bike for 2 weeks.
  10. It's a pity they don't seem to understand the meaning of customer service in Australia (and some other places). Why is that?
  11. Ok, picked the bike up on thursday arvo, took a few phone calls to get arranged, had to wait around for a while to get the paperwork all sorted out, but the bike is running great.

    Kris was really helpful (thanks vic), the mechanic was not, & despite being "very busy", he was sitting down deep in conversation with someone else when we got the bike from the workshop, didn't even say anything to us.

    Will I go back there for a service? Probably, everyone deserves a second chance.