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Is it too early to go down GOR?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sweeris, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. I was wanting to go down GOR in easter and I'm not too sure if its a good idea as I have about 2 weeks riding experience.

  2. It's possible, but don't commit to anything. See how you go in the lead up to it, and go on some more predictable twisties 1st (eg Black Spur). There's a lot more than just corners to deal with on the GOR.

    It was good meeting you last night. Give us a yell if you want some company on the Black Spur :grin:
  3. You can ride anywhere you want as long as you stay within your limits. Remember though, the GOR is a shit place to crash. Go with somebody else who is patient and competent, and take responsibility for your own safety on the road.

    Otherwise, it's a brilliant bit of tar even if the speed limit restricts any proper fun. Enjoy it, but don't get distracted by the scenery 'cause there's enough idiot tourists in minibuses and cars that they've decided to put up "we drive on the left in Australia" signs. :shock:
  4. when i travelled there by car, the road is well should be scary if you've only had 2 weeks exp.
  5. No worse than most other places. Yeah there's some drop off's (St Andrews, anyone), but at least you won't be waiting around for hours for help to arrive like you would in the country (eg Reefton).

    The GOR has generally good surface and unlike somewhere like the Black Spur, there are plenty of passing places and you never have to wait too long to get past the traffic.
    Tourists are the main problem, as all have said, but if you just heed the warnings and slow down wherever you get a whiff of tourist activity or see cars parked, it's a great stretch of road.

    I don't think the GOR is any different to somewhere like Reefton or the Black Spur, so if you're comfortable with those, then why not?
  6. Words for the wise :wink:
  7. See how you are going after a few weeks on the bike...The GOR is not a bad place to ride, but it is busy with a lot of distracted drivers and tourists etc. The odd rock on the road...that sort of thing.

    It's a nice day ride, so if you don't get there over easter, don't swet it...you can always head that way on a week-end. :)

    Make sure you are comfortable running along at 100ks with traffic, first, since most of the ride down there is like that.

    Good to meet you last night.. :)

  8. I've never been the GOR yet :p , but try the Spur first and take it easy, as you'll have a new front tyre to scrub in ;)
  9. Do anything you want to.

    My first ride after I got my bike was up over mt tamborine, and it's bumpy and gravelly and basically a tight twisty mess... but it made think i can do that, i can do anything. The great ocean road is quite a nice ride.. and with all the tourists ignoring the slow vehicle turnouts you won't be going overly fast :grin:

    Do it at your lever, take your time :)
  10. There is a flyer that is sent out with every new membership that is put out by the Barwon Community Road Safety Coucil titled "Motorcycling on the Great Ocean Road and the Ottway Ranges.

    It's a pretty good read ;)
  11. Seems the GOR DVD can be shipped to anyone in Aus for free, or $5 if your overseas..
  12. Thanks mate, but was interested in the Ride Smart CD, being a real noob :LOL: Just filled in all details with a NSW P/C, on the off chance that it's automatically processed :grin:
  13. Good luck .. if you don't get it, I'll mail you mine, if I can find it again. PM me your mailing address if you want it .. (so long as you promise to mail it too another noob when your done with it)

  14. Don't be affraid. You're licenced which means you have shown knowledge and experience to do it. Just follow the road signs before each curve (there will be recommended speed limit in yellow) and you'll be Ok.

    I am curious why people think Black Spur as "easy ride" and therefore recommended to test before GOR ??? I don't remember seing yellow signs with recommended speed limit on Black Spur road.

    Personally sometimes riding on the Monash freeway can be more dangerous than GOR.

  15. Thanks Tim, appreciate that :grin: Will see how we go, give it a few days. I'm all for passing things around so they get used/appreciated and give some value to people...I practically gave my last cage away to a mate on the proviso he kept it on the road and wouldn't sell it for profit...then it got hit by a bus :cry: :roll: :LOL:
  16. Hope yr mate wasn't in the car when it got hit :shock: or its all good if he was ..

    Yeah, I love moving stuff on to others to enjoy/use .. just swapped an old dirt bike for a slab of beer, and seems like its all good .... see https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=34137

  17. Thanks for the replies,
    I am thinking throught it carefully now as a few people mentioned there could b other things than jus me and my bike....
  18. Take it easy, be careful and vigilant. You'll be right.

    You could just leave your driveway and your neighbour who is backing out of his/her driveway could hit you - if you aren't paying attention.