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Is it time to sack the senior management at VicRoads?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Now that NSW has taken a step in the right direction by suspending the RTA’s senior manager will Victoria do the right thing by the community and follow suit. I believe they should be replaced.

    Freeway 'upgrade' buys traffic chaos
    CLAY LUCAS - The Age April 15, 2010

    A COSTLY taxpayer-funded project to fix traffic problems at one of Melbourne's busiest freeway junctions appears to have backfired, with cars banking up for kilometres across the Bolte Bridge because of the changes.

    The widening of the Monash, CityLink and West Gate freeways - at $1.39 billion the most expensive state-funded road project in Victoria's history - was promoted as a means to reduce trip times and increase the number of vehicles using the corridor each day.

    But for about 8000 frustrated drivers who pay tolls to travel south over the Bolte Bridge each morning, it has made things worse. ''The Bolte has become the new West Gate,'' said Chris Roche, who uses the route daily.

    Queues now stretch back across the bridge each morning as drivers crawl towards the West Gate Freeway off-ramp. ''It's obviously not working as well as we would like,'' CityLink spokesman Pat Wilson said of the changes, designed by VicRoads.

    The problems began with the removal last year of a two-lane exit ramp from the bridge on to the freeway. The change was intended to reduce weaving when cars came off the bridge.

    In place of the original exit ramp, two single-lane ramps were built: one to Power Street and the Burnley Tunnel, and one to Docklands and Kings Way.

    Drivers are complaining that the designers got it badly wrong. The lane to the Burnley Tunnel is choked with traffic while the other is used far less.

    The RACV also has concerns. Public policy manager Brian Negus said the project had solved problems with dangerous weaving between lanes. But having only one ramp to get so many drivers from the bridge to the tunnel had created a problem, he said. ''The number of people coming off the Bolte and into the tunnels does seem to be more than the road can cope with,'' he said.

    Matt Shortal, who drives from Caroline Springs to Hawthorn each morning, said what used to be a 35-minute trip now took up to an hour.

    Kate Stewart reports a similar experience. ''I'm paying for what I consider is a downgrade,'' Ms Stewart said.

    Mr Wilson said the problems on the bridge during peak hour would improve when the rest of the road-widening project was completed this year. Better signage to be installed would also help deflect many using the wrong exit ramps, he said.

    Nicholas Low, head of the Melbourne University transport research centre, described the project as ''a monstrous waste of public money''.

    ''When you build a large freeway improvement like this, it simply shifts the congestion from one place to another, and it then becomes the justification for more funding to remove the bottleneck,'' he said. ''What it doesn't do is end up saving people time.''

    Roads Minister Tim Pallas said many motorists were still getting used to the complexity of the layout.

    ''Motorists (are) still becoming accustomed to changes that are a major departure from the previous layout,'' said his spokesman, Bill Kyriakopoulos.

    And he said ''initial data'' showed travel times were getting better for motorists heading from the bridge to the tunnels. The changes had also made the West Gate Freeway much safer, reducing merging and weaving dramatically, he said

  2. Time to sack Tim Pallas, for sure. The guy is a worm that spouts the "deny, deny, deny" line to the hilt.
  3. It defies credibility that this result couldn't be predicted by anyone, let alone Vicroads' so-called experts. So how did this really come about? Either Vicroads are a pack of morons, or they deliberately planned to create congestion for policy reasons (wouldn't be the first time!) or they were compelled to do this for political reasons (wouldn't be the first time the Brumby government has done that, either).
    I suspect option two, but I guess if the outcome of all this is a windfall so someone, we'll know the answer.

    Tim Pallas is just another in a long line of Brumby yes-men. Get rid of him and he'll be replaced by another just the same. They've discovered that if you lie, and repeat it over and over, it becomes the truth...
  4. Because of the Monash Freeway and Tim Pallas lies I will be voting against Labour for the first time in the coming vic state election .

    Tens of millions of tax payer dollars of this freeway and still not all lanes open in-bound . the road surface still not sealed and traffic jams 40k out of the city at the end of this abysmal road .

    But still Tim Pallas on TV talking about the state of the art traffic signals and what a steep forward for Victoria ,

    The Victorian government have been lying to road users for years its time to stand up .
  5. Sounds to me like an even better justification for riding instead of driving. ](*,)
  6. It's pretty simple than when you reduce a road from 3 lanes to 1 its going to bottleneck. d'oh.
  7. you would think that is pretty simple logic wouldn't ya ](*,)
  8. It is vicroads policy to create congestion to slow traffic down.

    Why would they sack someone who has (in their eyes) done their job very ****ing well?
  9. My mate reckons the problem comes all the way back from the tulla-calder-bulla road interchange.

    That interchange (tulla-calder-bulla road) simply moved that congestion from that location to the end of the bolte. Simply.

    Free-er flowing traffic on high volume roads all still end at one place: slow CBD traffic roads with traffic lights and less lanes etc etc.
  10. ah yes.... can remember the hype of building citylink.
    They said yes there will be tolls but look at the time and wear you will save on your vehicles.
    End result? More time, more wear and tear and we can now pay for the privilege.
    Beware, tolls for MCs are on the agenda again.
  11. I think that any system that is sufficiently complex that it takes months for people to get “used to” is simply to dangerous as a design for our roadways.
    To take this concept further the road was “Safe” as a 100 zone prior to the changes, it is now sufficiently convoluted that it is less safe at 80.
    In short… What a F#$kup.
  12. not really if they put camera's in it will make safe again, you ask em , they'll tell you
  13. They need to go ugly, if they want the traffic to flow they are going to either have to build elevated roads that(i.e. hoddle street from eastern to m1) and king street straight through to the start of queens road. Do away with the Traffic lights and turn the Nepean into a proper Highway. The traffic has to flow somewhere, but it doesn't flow anywhere because there is 4 dozen lights before you get to Mordialloc.

    The initial design was shit, and just emphasises the focus of "here and now" instead of "now and later". Typical 5 year in office thinking.

    The next best thing would be for them to put perhaps an elevated Light Railway from "Park and Ride" places 5-10km's from the city.
  14. ...................
  15. I don't think so in this case. The traffic in question is trying to by-pass the CBD via the tunnel. What irks people most in this case is that it WAS working before. They tried to fix a different problem (unsafe manoeuvres on the Westgate) but they haven't considered the impact on the Bolte.
    Or they did consider it, and just didn't care. After all, slower is always safer isn't it?
  16. steam rollers go slow, they still kill people!
  17. I love the way the Vicroads spokesman is going, "Yeah... it's not working properly yet, but it will eventually.", and the Minister's spokesman is going, "Nooo, it is working. It is. Our figures show it is. You must be mistaken...... Look, a shiny thing!".:LOL:
  18. Sounds like the "Engineers" who designed the changes should be held accountable. I don't understand why the government doesn't blame the engineers.

    "The Engineers scope of works was to reduce traffic congestion, they failed, and they have to fix the problem or they do not get paid"

    This sort of thing sometimes hapens in my line of work. There the overall person in charge has to stall and sweet talk the mistakes, while in the backgroud they are ripping into the engineers/suppliers/builders etc etc to fix the mistakes and for making them look the fool.

    Removing people from goverment will not fix the problem.

    If you brought a new bike for your mom, and the engineer you brought it from said the bike was awsome, safe and the best thing since 7/11 starting selling meat pies. THEN the front wheel falls off and your mom gets hurt .... do you take the blame ? I know I would be knocking on the engineers door ...

    MOD: do you mean "bought" ?
  19. Ummm, hello, who signs off on that shit?? You think they give the engineers and construction companies a credit card and say go nuts??
  20. I think you should be referring to traffic planners / analysts...