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is it time to change??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by philbie, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. I'm sure you all know the feeling, you have a perfectly good bike, it goes, it stops and is quite capable of getting me from point A to point B via point Z.

    However.......I'm starting to wonder.......

    My story is simple.....I own a retail business which is open Monday till Sat lunchtime and keeps me busy.
    Then i have the wife and 2 kids (both under 6) that want me around for the day and a half that i'm not working.
    Then there's the R1150RT in the garage that has done 2500k's in the 20 months I've owned it.

    The right side of the brain is saying "you don't tour, or have time to tour so why own one - buy a cruiser and do half day rides instead...."

    Then the left side of the brain is saying "why buy anything when you don't use what you've got! It's got everything that opens and shuts and is maintenance free. Stop being a spoilt little S**T!!"

  2. Make time for yourself, life is too short. Put 100km on that bike every week, you'll find time if you really want to. Ride it to work.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Agreed! Gotta make the time, you know you'll love it. :)

    Maybe night-time rides are in order - what are the lights like on your BMW?
  4. ........
  5. Ride when you can. What about taking the kids? its a BMW, so it should just about ride itself. I'd keep the beamer, and just set aside one ride night/day a week. You have to get her out there! The fact that youre posting this question is evidence that its killing you knowing that its sitting there doing nothing. By the way, if youre thinking harley, you got to at least ride those things ounce a week. There hard enough to start cold. What about breaking the engine in? theres 1000km right there. How about I take the beamer for rides to keep it happy? :wink:
  6. Buy the Harley!!

    It would be perfect for you. The kids get to see you at home and you could all spend your weekends polishing the chrome. You'll never notice how crap it handles coz you don't have a chance to ride it anyway :p
  7. How important is riding to you? Do you have any other interests?

    Can you take some time off during the week to ride?

    If your life is consumed by family and work, sell the bike, it at least deserves to be ridden.
  8. Could not agree more with MG!!! You should sell the BMW, buy a really nice car that you can take all the family on trips and picnics and outings, and when the children are older and less dependent on you, get another bike.

    It's being wasted at the moment, and like MG says; do the maths, it's costing you a fortune sitting still.
  9. Maybe you might only be able to organise one decent tour a year - but discipline yourself and plan it. I'm sure your family would understand if you took off for even just one week every year. Other than that, just make time for yourself to go riding during the week. Jump on at night for a couple of hours instead of sitting in front of the tv. Need some milk? Go get it on the bike - and I'm sure that they sell better milk at that supermarket all the way across town. Heading over to a mate's place at night? Go on the bike. Ride it to work. Set the alarm and go for an early morning ride every Sunday instead of sleeping in. There's always a way to fit in a ride if you want to. If you've got the right gear it doesn't matter what the weather's like, it's all about the riiiiiiiddddeeee........
  10. I'll ride it for ya!

    EDIT: Seriously mate. When is the YOU time? You need it. It's not being selfish.
  11. nice :grin:

    get a zx9 and the bike will do all your prioritizing for you!
  12. Yeah a friend's dad has an 1100 suzuki neked bike that he keeps insured and registered, but only rides it once or twice a year.
  13. my old boss (on the building site) would nick off home at smoko, dump the truck, and come back on his bike.

    maybe trade the bike in for something designed more for shorter trips like a cruiser as you said, then just slowly start prioritising your riding.

    every one needs time to themselves. i know its hard as i myself work LONG hours, but im lucky my GF enjoys riding as much as me, possibly even more lol.

    I think you probably already know what you need to do, so just do it ;)