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Is it time for the TAC to introduce other safety Levies?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Ride Alot, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. If the John Brumby Victorian Labor Party State Government wants to convert the TAC into a user pays system then isn’t it time to introduce other “Safety Levies”?

    Here are some examples.

    Mature aged safety levy
    Disability safety levy
    Medical safety levy
    Young driver safety levy
    L plate safety levy
    P plate safety levy
    Truck safety levy
    Holden Commodore safety levy
    Ford Falcon safety levy
    Taxi safety levy

  2. To what gain?
  3. Why the promotion of safety, of course. Just like they have done with the motorcycle safety levy. :rolleyes:
  4. Good thing it's not a tax...
  5. I like your point SRA, but that turns the TAC into a fault system again... the current system is a vast improvement, it's just that the current crop of robots running it don't recall the past...
  6. TAC is a no fault system, despite its flaws I'd prefer this to any other in the country.
  7. Spot on, Smee. In another thread on here a NSW rider had a prang (RC36, I think it was). There were questions about who pays for his hospital stay and subsequent recovery.

    At least TAC covers all of this, including lost income (to 85%). In NSW if you're clouted by a hit run driver, or lose it on a diesel spill, or hit a 'roo, you're on your own.
  8. Couldn't be done, you would need accurate crash statistics, as well as colour, make, tyre choice, cd playing while crashed, eye colour, et al.

    We'd end up with a levy for 18-24 yo green eyed females driving green hyundai excels who play Celine Dion while driving on ching-shen tyres.

    Not where we want to be.
  9. Is there a "readers digest" guide somewhere as to how the TAC system works? how it is financed, what it actually covers / doesn't cover, how much it costs the state, or is it fully funded?

    From the little I understand about it, it sounds like a "good thing" to me - something that we should be pushing to make a national system perhaps?
  10. TAC's annual reports give you an idea as to how it's run. Basically, the TAC charge on our insurance coupled with managed investments make up the bulk of its revenue. It usually returns a hefty dividend to the state government as well. Some years, it's done good, other years it's made a loss. One such year was because of bad overseas currency investments or something like that.
  11. Did everyone take serious pills or something. I read the OP as being rather tongue in cheek, in a cynical and bitter kind of way. Or maybe I've just got a cynical and bitter sense of humour........
  12. Careful what you wish for here.

    Remember motorcycles make up something like 3% of road users but 20% of TAC costs so they might just bump up the 2 wheel premium to better reflect what bikes cost the TAC to insure.
  13. It’s to highlight how the TAC has discriminated against motorcycles with a secret so called safety levy. Just how stupid would it be to pick out every single group and target them with a safety levy? The community would not stand for it.

    By the same token the TAC needs to know that if it is planning anymore unjustified increases for motorcycles then they better watch out as there will be an almighty fight and everyone will be dragged into it.

    People that ride motorcycles are not weak and will no longer be bullied by the TAC nor will we be used to prop up the TAC’s enormous executive salaries and finances.

    This is where the MRA and motorcycle organisations need to flex their muscles as the government is working hard to sway the community’s opinion in an effort to make it easier to slug us with more fees.
  14. Look at what Green Slips in NSW have done for third party insurance.

    Highest premiums in the country

    Lowest cover.

    People just don't understand what your CTP is: THIRD PARTY INSURANCE. ie- your bike hits someone else. THEY are covered. Not you.
  15. Correction, Third Party Personal Injury Insurance.
    Doesnt cover the third parties property losses.

    By the by, just got my QBE (i know, i know... but the dealer put it on not me...) greenslip renewal for my zzr250 today, $383, with 140 of that being MCIS and the majority of the rest being an admitted to tax, not a tax thats called a levy.
  16. When they refer to a charge as a "levy", surely most people would understand that it's a tax. Same for stamp duty, insurance duty (as applied to household insurance here in Victoria). It's a tax by another name.

    Just like when Hardley Normal advertises its 50 month interest free finance and the quickened voice at the end tells you about "fees and charges" apply. What's the diff between a fee and a charge? Or "terms and conditions", what's the difference there?